Life Battery Air: The World\’s Most Sophisticated Battery Newly Released By FLiFLi

FliFli Life Battery Is Not Just A Battery, It’s A Whole New Life Battery

New Jersey – 17 July, 2017 – FLiFLi is pleased and proud to announce the release of their latest sophisticated and powerful battery that can power any Apple devices. The company’s goal in designing the battery is to engineer a device that can allow Apple device users to be more productive and creative at entirely new scale. The FliFli Life Battery AIR will be launched on the 17th July through an Indiegogo campaign.

The beautifully designed powerful battery is small in size, slim and lighter than any other battery that has been produced by FliFli. The design also enables intelligent charging connections to more than one device and instantly charges the one that needs to be charged. LifeBattery AIR comes in different colors which are significantly inspired by the 2017 released Macbook color. Apple devices, especially MacBooks and iPhones need a sensitive and exquisite electronic wave so as to get charged in an unharmful way. This prompts the company to use the latest delicate performing technology PSW (Pure Sine Wave) system to configure LifeBattery AIR which will naturally make the battery to produce clean power for Apple devices without automatically affecting the Apple’s technological limit.

LifeBattery AIR is structured to solve the problem of unstable connection. The battery has an easy and stable magnetic charging input connection just like the MagSafe by Apple which prevents the port from getting damaged.  Also, most batteries have their output port at the side and this makes Apple’s charging plug to lift the battery and causes instability in the connection. LifeBattery AIR has its output port on the top which enables the battery to stay flat always.

One of the most important features of this battery is that it has USB Type A and USB Type C ports and one AC output. This ensures that the battery can link up to a variety of devices. The battery itself can also link up to a proper USB connection to ensure that it will get enough energy ready to charge up more devices. This portable battery itself uses 18650 Lithium-ion battery (8 Cells). It has a capacity of 27,200mAh. The eight 3,400mAh batteries linked together inside the battery help to keep it functional and active and offer enough energy to fully charge up all sorts of portable devices.

LifeBattery AIR: AC battery designed for Apple, It’s a whole new life.

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