Liberty is coming to Liberia through Music and Crowdfunding

The LIBSTUDIO is a new crowdfunding project being launched on to promote liberty from war and poverty in Liberia through music

MELBOURNE – The lack of opportunities and the inexistent sense of a promising future that children and youth can feel that they can cling to is a dramatic scenario that greatly defines Liberia, but which is about to be changed by LIBSTUDIO, the new crowdfunding initiative that is being launched today on

According to Zito Ballo, the author of the initiative, “I was a Liberian refugee who firstly made it to Ghana, as a teenager, escaping Liberia’s consecutive wars and economic chaos. I was fortunate enough to subsequently come to Australia, where I have had a chance to build my musical education and career, getting a chance of becoming a fulfilled individual with a good life, something that most Liberian youth cannot even dream of. That’s exactly how I want to help my fellow Liberian friends: by giving them a real chance of emancipating themselves through music.”

The LibStudio will be a mobile music studio that Ballo will take to Liberia, and to other African countries affected by similar problems, empowering, giving voice and giving real chances to local youth, so that they can find in music the vehicle for liberty that they can’t find anywhere else.

Along with the mobile recording studio, the LibStudio will also have other sound engineering and music production equipment, and also cameras, so that the project can run a full mobile production of music and music video clips. “This is how we will empower these local talents by finally giving them a chance to make something meaningful and rewarding with their lives through music and art – despite the local harsh challenges and threats that they face every day,” Ballo commented.

Ballo’s personal journey is a revealing example of how well this project can work for other Liberian children, teenagers and young adults. In Australia, undeterred by the traumas caused by what he had witnessed in Liberia, having lost more friends and family members than he can count, Zito Ballo finally found the right environment to follow music as his long-time inspiration. Ballo began rapping at age 16, and, in 2009, he got his Diploma in Music Production/Sound Engineering at Melbourne’s School of Audio Engineering. He later set up his own home recording studio, ‘Shatter Records’, and he now produces beats for local artists, and sells beats on his beats online store.

“This was a life-changing chance that I’ve been given. I just feel that I should try my best to extend this chance to other Liberian children and youth. However, I can’t do it alone, so that’s why I decided to create the LibStudio and use crowdfunding to make this project possible,” Ballo stated.

The LibStudio crowdfunding campaign is being launched today at–2, in which Zito Ballo is seeking to raise $ 80,000 to turn his LibStudio dream of a better Liberia into reality.

For more information, please visit–2 or contact Zito Ballo, LIBSTUDIO’s Project Author, on +61401284400

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