“Let’s just fly” Korea’s drone technology overseas… “Manmullab Co., Ltd.”

Manmullab Co., Ltd (CEO: Jeong Bong-hyun) is a Korean drone company that has challenged the industrial drone market without drone experts. Among them, the tethered drone (wired drone), which is almost barren in Korea, is a start-up item of the Manmullab Co., Ltd.

The limitations of drones used for industrial purposes are flight time and battery capacity. Once charged, it cannot fly for less than 30 minutes, and it has to be charged for an hour or two to fly again. As an alternative, the cable power supply device developed by Manmullab Co., Ltd.

The wired power supply is a product developed through YouTube videos and research data posted on the Internet in the absence of a suitable leading model.

Manmullab Co., Ltd holds numerous IPs, including five currently registered patents, and as a professional manufacturing company that has a certified drone direct production system, it possesses wired drone technology that is differentiated from other domestic drone technologies. Also, the wired power supply for long-time flight and the automatic tension control device enable automatic adjustment of the cable tension between the aircraft and the ground module. Moreover, the emergency fall prevention system ensures stable landing with a charged battery in emergency situations while reducing casualties from drone falls.

Currently, thanks to the development of these technologies, in 2022, the metropolitan area headquarters of the Korea Expressway Corporation publicly selected it as a company to crack down on vehicles that do not comply with traffic laws. Also, drone technology to crack down on vehicles that violate traffic laws on highways using drones are currently being developed and commercialized.

In addition to being selected at the 2021 Drone Demonstration City Construction Contest, it was selected as the specialized individual business resident company of the regional specialization development project by Gyeongsang National University in Jinju, Gyeongsangnam-do. Likewise, the company is raising brand awareness by being recognized for its technology in Korea.

Jeong Bong-hyun, CEO of Manmullab Co., Ltd stated, “I want to prove Korea’s drone market technology by not only domesticating the tethered drone (wired drone) that is being developed and commercialized by Manmullab Co., Ltd, but also by demonstrating the development of drone technology that is not left behind in the global drone market.”

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