When real twin-horror comes to life.

Los Angeles, CA – March 28, 2018 – Experience real-life twin horror today with ‘LET HER OUT’ – watch on Amazon Prime today: https://amzn.to/2WuMarc.

Twins have remained a common topic in the genre of horror; questioning their closeness, the supposed twin telepathy and the supernatural ability to sense when something is wrong with the other. Canadian-horror Director, Cody Calahan’s (Antisocial) psychological body thriller, LET HER OUT, shows just how close twins really can be.

“Psychologically troubling and visually disturbing,” wrote The Movie Buff about LET HER OUT, adding, “Effects are great and its atmosphere adequately creepy.” 

Summary: When a car strikes Helen (Alanna LeVierge), she awakes in the hospital only to find that the accident is just the beginning of her problems. While in the hospital, Helen begins to wake up in strange places, have haunting visions and engages in disturbing activities, unable to stop her self. Soon, the doctors discover that Helen has a tumor growing inside of her, causing her to have unexplainable blackouts, bizarre hallucinations and night terrors. As her tumor manifests, Helen uncovers the cause of such side effects – her “vanishing twin” is taking control over Helen’s body, as she violently fights to get out.

Recently, Smithsonian headlined “A Baby Girl in Colombia Was Born With Her Twin Inside Her Abdomen” – a rare condition known as “fetus-in-fetu”, which has dated back to the 19th century, occurring in about one in every 500,000 births. High-risk pregnancy specialist, Miguel Parra-Saavedra, used color Doppler and 3D/4D ultrasound imaging to detect a “fluid-filled space” inside the Columbian baby girl named, Itzmara, which contained the malformed twin fetus found inside her.

Attached by an umbilical cord, the smaller twin was growing inside her abdomen, which is rich in blood supply, which is why “smaller twins” are often known as the heteropagus or “parasitic” twin, because it takes nutrients from its sibling. Doctors became fearful that if the smaller twin continued to grow in size, she could crush Itzmara’s internal organs. Safety percussions were taken when Itzmara was delivered at 37 weeks via C-section. 

Photo caption: The baby, whose name is Itzmara, (Not Pictured) was delivered via C-section at 37 weeks, three weeks shy of full term because doctors feared that the fetus inside her, which was still growing, would crush her internal organs. (iStock/AWelshLad)

Besides a small scar on her abdomen, Itzmara is doing well, reported the New York Times’ Donald McNeil Jr. But unfortunately, the smaller twin was removed by laparoscopic surgery, and was described as “two inches long, with half-formed head and limbs, but did not have a heart or brain.”

Sound kind of familiar… Right?

LET HER OUT is “a pure gore-fest, hand-to-heart bloody, that made me squeamish,” wrote GrueMonkey.

Experience real-life twin horror today, if you’re brave enough with the trailer here: https://vimeo.com/223839487.

Featuring Alanna LeVierge (The BoysTwilight RideA Disapperance), Nina Kiri (The Haunted House of Kirby Road, Geek Charming) and Adam Christie (Antisocial), LET HER OUT is now streaming on digital platforms (Amazon/Amazon Prime, iTunes, Google Play, Xbox, PlayStation, Fandango, FlixFling, Hoopla, ATT, Vubiquity, Vudu, Cox, DIRECTV, and more).


LET HER OUT (2016, 89 min.) Directed by Cody Calahan. Editor: Duncan Christie. Cinematographer: Jeff Masher. Music by: Steph Copeland. US. English. Black Fawn Films, Breakthrough Entertainment, DarkCoast of TriCoast Entertainment.

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