Lessons of a Life Well Lived: How A Licensed Psychotherapist and Life Coach Uses Her Podcast to Share the Secrets of Happiness

Lessons of a Life Well Lived: How A Licensed Psychotherapist and Life Coach Uses Her Podcast to Share the Secrets of Happiness

Michaela Johnson
Psychotherapist Michaela Johnson uses her transformative life story to help others struggling with life’s difficulties take control of their narrative and fulfill their potential.

GREENWOOD, California – Apr 2, 2020 – Michaela Renee Johnson grew up in a 27-foot fifth-wheel camper without running water or electricity. Today, she has achieved great financial, professional, and literary success. Surprisingly, the most important lesson Johnson has learned through her unique journey is not about these successes at all but rather the true meaning of happiness. As she will tell you, becoming rich or famous are not the secret ingredients to building a worthwhile life. For Michaela, bringing value to the lives of others is the most powerful force in building meaning in one’s life.

As a pre-teen, she found herself, along with her family, starting a new minimalist life in a 27-foot trailer where living in the woods without running water and electricity became a new normal. She chronicles this transformative time in her life in her award-winning memoir, Teetering on Disaster, a poignant, humorous coming-of-age story that forever shaped Michaela’s definition of “happy.”

After achieving financial success and receiving questions from readers about her journey, Johnson realized her position to help others and began thinking of ways she could reach all of her supporters at once, for free. Having lived through both seemingly insurmountable setbacks and incredible achievements, she understands how to respond to the downs of life in order to earn the ups. She learned the secrets of happiness the hard way and strives to help others build a framework of positivity in their own lives with her unique perspective guiding the way.

Johnson applies her combined empathy and experience to her practice as a licensed psychotherapist and life coach, in order to encourage her patients to dig below the surface of their emotions and reach the hard truths they may have been suppressing. Ultimately, Johnson’s process helps her patients reach an authentic understanding of themselves, which she then coaches on using their newfound self-awareness to drive personal transformation. As the renowned psychoanalyst, Carl Jung once said, “The privilege of a lifetime is to become who we truly are.”

Podcasts have become one of the most popular forms of media today, with millions of active listeners per day. Johnson realized this was the perfect way to share her story, and proven approach to personal growth, with those who are actively trying to improve. Through her podcast, Be You Find Happy, Johnson shares the life lessons of a self-made woman, the good, the bad, the beauty, and the ugly. Someday, as Johnson says, “When we learn to view life’s challenges as opportunities for growth, we take control of our personal narrative. It’s an empowering way to live.”

Johnson’s message to every listener and guest on Be You Find Happy is that happiness is attainable for everyone, regardless of life’s difficulties. Learning to be vulnerable, speaking your truth, and feeling grateful and fulfilled: none of it is easy, but all of it is achievable for anyone who wants it, and Johnson wants nothing more than to set you on your personal path to a joyful, authentic life.

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