Leslie Harrington launches her unique meditation book titled: Unplugging Your Mind

The book is available on Kindle and Paperback including free audio guided meditations.

Yoga therapist and certified personal trainer Leslie Harrington proudly announces the launch of her of her meditation book. The book serves as a great tool for all yoga enthusiasts and anyone who needs to relax and renew. So, if you’re in need of a self-guided meditation book that can be easily used, or you’re a yoga teacher that needs a proven technique to ensure that your class goes off flawlessly, look no further because this book is your best option.

To purchase the book on Amazon, please visit https://amzn.to/2LK9qzz

The book is educative because readers will discover many reasons they should be doingguided meditation on daily basis, and how they can thrive from the proven benefits of meditations.  Also, the book contains numerous guided meditations that readers can try and select the one that resonates with them. Furthermore, the book contains scripts that can be used in yoga or mindfulness classes, and it is suitable for everyone because it can be downloaded for free in an AUDIO version which makes it easier for readers to enjoy all the guided meditations to assist them to unplug their mind, relax, rest and renew.

As a result of proven results and quick turnaround, the book has earned positive reviews from various readers.  A satisfied reader Julie said this after reading the book, “I’ve never been one to meditate, but I found the self-guided meditations easy to use and help me get back to sleep on those restless nights where I’m tossing and turning. My favorites are the floating balloons and stilling pond so much better than counting sheep.”  While talking about the book, another reader Tony Le Cara added “I was fortunate to receive my copy the night before teaching my first yoga course. Feeling butterflies in my stomach and tossing and turning while trying to sleep I opened “Unplugging Your Mind” and focused on the butterfly meditation. I watched my butterflies fly away (metaphorically) and calm filled my mind and body.

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About Leslie Harrington

Leslie learned about guided meditation in a leadership class at the age of 12, and she started using it with friends and family to eventual using for her yoga students and then mindfulness in the corporate world. After many years in the marketing and advertising world, Leslie Harrington (CHC, CPT, ERYT-500 & C-IAYT) realized that her passion is helping people with their health and wellness. Over 12 years ago, she combined her knowledge of business and health and fitness to start Iron Belle Fitness, L.L.C.

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