LendChain is going to launch on GXchain’s Blockcity – Help millions of users to solve the financial needs of digital assets.

LendChain is about to start beta test – the welfare of millions of residents in Blockcity!

With the fluctuation of digital currency’s market this year, the simple strategy of ‘buy and hold’ is no longer meet the needs for investors who use digital currencies to increase wealth or preserve value. Therefore, one can provide a safe leverage tool or a digital asset financial service platform with a stable return of financial products will becomes a necessity under the current market conditions.

LendChain is a distributed digital asset financial service platform that based on GXchain. Once LendChain completed the beta, it will launch on Blockcity on June 19 and conduct open beta with 1.7 million residents. LendChain’s platform have designed and planned three different types of digital assets financial products during beta period, investor can choose their own needs to experience.

The first one is financial product. Compared with traditional assets, the fluctuation of digital currency market are obvious, so the demand for financial management is particularly strong in the digital currency area. Taking the case ‘YubiBao’ of GXchain as an example, it is only aim for the creation citizen, has been sold out in 15 seconds. Therefore, the market will warmly welcome a digital asset management project with stable income and value-added value. LendChain, which is teamed up with GXchain, has the ability to provide such products.

LendChain will provide investment services for cryptocurrency holders. Users can invest cryptocurrency (currently support BTC, ETH, GXS, EOS) to LendChain platform. LendChain has research analysts to provide robust financial products, including the mortgage, personal loan, venture capital, hedge fund, mining, and secondary market investment.

Investment will provide long and short term with fixed/floating interest rates, users can invest according to their preferences. The LendChain platform also provides products with good flexibility for users, such as cryptocurrency mortgage, and mortgage investment.

Next are mortgage loans. This product can satisfy financiers who have temporary borrowing requirements for a certain currency and investors who want to obtain fixed interest income in the same currency.

LendChain establishes the entire loan process of the user on the blockchain, including mortgage asset freezing, loan, investment, repayment, late payment collection, etc., all will be executed through smart contract. No people involved in the operation process, avoiding the low efficiency of the centralized platform and eliminated the risk of single point failure.

Because this product requires financiers to recharge a certain currency as collateral, and the price of collateral during the period of the offer will fall too much, it will lead to the failure of the lending relationship, thus greatly protecting the investor’s earnings security.

Finally, credit loan. GXchain is a strategic partner of LendChain, therefore this product is uniquely utilizing the credit data of Blockcity’s millions of users and is a product that created exclusively for the citizens of Blockcity. GXChain has abundant credit information, especially for cryptocurrency holders. Moreover, the LendChain team is proficient in financial technology and big data risk control. The combination of credit data and financial modeling will enable us to provide loans for cryptocurrency holders.

With the outbreak of the digital money market in the past year, the current scale has reached the stage of starting to carry financial services. Therefore, for LendChain, the practice of building the world’s first distributed digital asset financial service platform is already a success. LendChain has also been favored by venture capital recently. LendChain had announced that they have closed on ¥10 millions round of funding backed by 6 of prominent Chinese seed investors. It is reported that GXChain, PreAngel, Liebian Capital, Bianjie Capital, Bitepai and GXChain Capital are the institutions participating in this funding.

At the same time, there are more partners joining in LendChain’s ecology. On June 15th, LendChain announced the signing of a cooperation agreement with QuarkChain. The two parties will collaborate on community construction, brand promotion, public-chain ecosystem, and digital currency financial ecology.

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