Legal Tax Defense Provides Legal Assistance and Long-Lasting Solutions to Taxpayers Enmeshed in IRS Garnishment Crisis

The company’s dedication to its community and its unparalleled results have made them the trusted solution for some of life’s most unsettling circumstances

Tax garnishments are legal orders that the IRS employs to collect a portion of an individual’s wages to pay a tax debt. However, the IRS provides this class of taxpayers with a thirty-day notice from the Notice of Intent to Levy, where they can file a formal appeal that temporarily delays the service from implementing this order. It is important to employ the services of a tax professional so as to improve the success of the appeal. Legal Tax Defense is committed to ending tax garnishment and protecting its clientele’s assets.

Legal Tax Defense is a leading tax resolution firm providing legal help to the public by resolving a range of federal IRS and state tax problems. It is one of the nation’s most recognized tax defense firms with a reputation for ensuring that its clientele enjoys financial stability and an end to the myriads of tax problems.

Legal Tax Defense is comprised of a team of tax defense attorneys and certified enrolled agents that have the knowledge and experience required to resolve tax issues for individuals and business owners.

Speaking on the company’s mission, senior tax professional, Mike, had this to say: “At Legal Tax Defense, we understand that life doesn’t always go according to plan. If you need help with a tax problem, we can take the weight off your shoulders.” Janet, another senior tax professional with Legal Tax Defense said, “Our expert team is also poised to protect taxpayers from wage garnishments, federal IRS tax liens, bank levies, and prevent property seizures, as we offer free consultation services where we review the pending tax case and provide the most effective option to resolve the problem.”

Furthermore, the firm initiates client protection and engages in communication with the IRS to review case options and draw up a detailed plan of action. On the client’s behalf, Legal Tax Defense proceeds to remove overdue tax penalties or unpaid tax, while offering its tax filing services to file unfiled previous year tax returns for individuals, businesses and corporations.

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Legal Tax Defense is a Los-Angeles based licensed tax resolution firm founded in 2011 to fill the void in comprehensive tax planning for California residents and businesses. The firm is on a mission to provide legal help in the resolution of state and IRS tax problems, for individuals and business owners alike.

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