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11th February, 2019 – Preparedness is a skill everyone must learn. Often, the legal ramifications of ignorance escalate like wild fires, leaving one in a financial crisis and regrets.

Take marital disputes, for example. The absence of a legally binding agreement in the months leading to a divorce (especially where the couple stops living together) could mean shouldering more responsibilities in debts or spousal/ child support: most of these issues and long-standing disagreements could be avoided with a legal form on marital separation. One could also consider the legal steps enforceable by their state should they pass on without a last will – intestacy laws are not as unfavorable.

Fortunately, one company, Forms Legal, aims to keep you prepared. For this, the Forms Legal website gives you access to a secure cloud of forms and legal documents which come in handy in specific life situations – from complex matters like the wishes of an individual after death to simpler matters like the sale of a used laptop or television.

Their free marital separation agreement is one of the documents on the website. While some state does not recognize legal marital separation, the agreement outlines the importance of a legally binding document for couples wishing to live independently but not ready to divorce. Anyone going through a rough patch and looking for a legally acceptable way of staying separated will require this document. In other states, the separation agreement is required as a prerequisite for divorce with couples expected to live apart for at least one year before filing for the dissolution of marriage. To understand the terms of the agreement, an outline of your rights and obligations during the separation period, one has to download a free marital separation form specific for their state.

Forms Legal also offers free rental lease agreement forms for its clientele. The form is free. The rental lease agreement plays a significant role in highlighting the roles, rights, and responsibilities of tenants and landlords for residential spaces.

And, if planning to sell a valuable item, say your car, horse, gun, or boat, the bill of sale (BOS) will come in handy. The site offers a free bill of sale form. This is a document which highlights what the BOS is, how and when to use it, as well as the particulars of the item on sale and the parties involved in the sale. While serving as a proof of sale or transfer of ownership, the BOS plays a more important role when it comes to cars, guns or boats. For instance, the DMV requires a BOS for the registration of sold vehicles.

Forms Legal represents your one-stop online solution for all your legal forms. NDAs, Commercial Lease Agreements, Loan Agreements, Partnership Agreements, Last Will and Statements, Affidavits, Waiver/ Release Forms, and Power of Attorney are the other forms offered.

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