Leebrina Pagdilao Chronicles The Rare Romance Between A Ninja and Teacher In The Assassin’s Beauty

Leebrina Pagdilao Chronicles The Rare Romance Between A Ninja and Teacher In The Assassin’s Beauty
Talented author, Leebrina Pagdilao, releases a new book titled “The Assassin’s Beauty,” a love tale between a Japanese Ninja and an African-American teacher visiting Japan.

Leebrina Pagdilao is set to take readers on an amazing romantic journey as the self-publishing author releases her new book titled The Assassin’s Beauty. The romance novel tells the story of a Japanese ninja and an African-American teacher and the series of events that led to both falling in love and developing a relationship despite inescapable danger.

The illustration of an interracial relationship cannot be more romantic than as narrated by Leebrina in The Assassin’s Beauty. Leebrina depicts the power of love and the possibility of two opposite individuals becoming one despite looming danger. The unexpected love story of Riku Hiroshi, a skilled and lethal ninja, and Natasha Smith, a passionate fourth-grade teacher, who fell head over heels in love with each other following Riku’s intervention, protecting her from a gang of street thugs, is a must-read for lovers of romance.

Leebrina Pagdilao offers a unique blend of romance, action, and comedy in the novel, as she narrates how Riku tries to escape from a sinister man who wants him dead, sending his best men to hunt the ninja and bring him down at all cost.

The Assassin’s Beauty is all shades of amazingness from start to finish, as Leebrina brings the best of her storytelling skills to contain, as every chapter draws readers more into the piece, with lots of twists and turns.

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