Lee Kendall, a visionary entrepreneur, proudly announces the public launch of Goliath Ads

Lee Kendall, a visionary entrepreneur, proudly announces the public launch of Goliath Ads

Lee Kendall, a visionary entrepreneur, proudly announces the public launch of Goliath Ads, a digital marketing agency uniquely blending hands-on field experience with innovative digital strategies. Kendall’s journey, from establishing a roofing and exterior company at Salisbury University to founding Goliath Ads, exemplifies an unwavering commitment to entrepreneurship and a deep understanding of the home service industry’s nuances.

Kendall’s foray into entrepreneurship at Salisbury University laid the groundwork for his future successes. The roofing and exterior company he founded was more than a business; it was a crucible where he honed his skills, learned valuable lessons, and developed a business philosophy that would guide his future endeavors. Kendall’s approach — ‘blue-collar operated for blue-collar operators’ — underscores a profound connection with the industry and its clientele.

Goliath Ads stands as a testament to Kendall’s dedication to this ethos. His hands-on experience in running hundreds of ads and landing pages with his own money has given him an authentic understanding of what homeowners seek in digital content. This practical knowledge is the foundation of Goliath Ads’ approach — minimizing client risks by applying tested strategies.

Before its official unveiling, Goliath Ads has already demonstrated significant achievements, notably managing a Facebook group with over 58,000 members. This success, achieved without leveraging Kendall’s personal networks, is a clear indication of the agency’s intrinsic strength and innovative approach in the digital marketing realm.

Kendall’s journey is not just about business growth; it’s also deeply personal. His life changed significantly after marrying and starting a family, adding depth and perspective to his professional journey. These personal milestones have further shaped his vision for Goliath Ads, infusing the agency with values of integrity, hard work, and family.

Looking ahead, Kendall envisions Goliath Ads as a harbinger of change in the digital marketing industry. The agency is on the cusp of releasing groundbreaking technology aimed at drastically reducing lead costs for clients. This innovation is a part of Kendall’s broader vision to empower home service businesses with cost-effective, efficient, and impactful digital marketing solutions.

As Goliath Ads steps into the public domain, it’s not just introducing a new way of marketing; it’s bringing Kendall’s philosophy of practical, result-driven, and empathetic marketing to the forefront. With a blend of real-world experience and digital innovation, Goliath Ads is poised to redefine what it means to succeed in digital marketing for home services.


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