Learning More About The function introduction of different shapes of mirror

Mirror is an essential item in home life, finishing the instrument, grooming are inseparable from the mirror. Now in order to conform to the aesthetic development of the market, the design of mirrors has become more and more diversification, can meet the purchase needs of different consumers. Some unique mirrors can not only decorate the house, but also enhance the fun of the home.

Next, I will take people into the magic world of mirrors to see what kind of transformation can be made of the furniture of mirror elements, and feel the multiple roles and functions of mirrors in home decoration. Mirrors can be used in many places in the home decoration, in fact, almost in all the home decoration space, we can see the shadow of the mirror element. In addition, in different positions, the function and role of the mirror is also different. Of course, in order to better play the role of the mirror element in the home, the design of the mirror also has to make choices and changes according to different positions and functions. From the function can be mainly divided into bathroom mirror, porch mirror, clothing mirror.

1.  bathroom mirror  cabinet mirror 

The shape of the bathroom mirror is various. From the appearance, the bathroom mirror can be roughly divided into two kinds: the large bath mirror and the Taiwan mirror. A large bath mirror is a mirror directly attached to the wall of the bathroom, usually with some small partitions or cabinets, can be placed in skin care products, cosmetics and other small objects; Table mirror is usually placed on the dressing table or fixed on the wall through the horizontal telescopic bracket, this kind of bath mirror is generally relatively small, usually used for face makeup.


2.  porch mirror   porch mirror 

The shape of the porch mirror is also very much, the beautiful white lace border, the mirror tightly wrapped, like the white flowers on the wall, the edge of the two exquisite white table lamps, can be set off with the style of the porch mirror; The hollow wooden frame placed on the side of the mirror is a common fancy style in ancient furniture, with antique vases as decoration, full of ancient artistic conception.

3.  dress mirror    floor mirror
Dress mirror has 2 groups including combinations and independence, the shape is simple and generous, the line is smooth and smooth, the cabinet surface is the mirror, open the mirror inside is a storage space for placing jewelry, small items, etc., saving space while the practical performance is greatly improved. Freestanding floor mirror is a single mirror with some borders around it. It can be placed anywhere in the room and is easy to move.
Mirrors not only visually enlarge the space, but also brighten the room due to their reflective function. So when we choose the mirror, we should buy well according to the situation of our house.

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