Learn How to Survive a Police Stop at the 2016 Bay Area Book Festival

Police Officer, Tony C. Spears, the “Cop That Cares” will be at the Bay Area Book Festival in Berkeley, CA. June 4-5, 2016

Tony will be at the book festival promoting his new book titled, S.A.V.E.D. and talking about his speech “Surviving the Stop.” He is a police officer that is passionate about helping people and has made this a focal point of his law enforcement career. Tony has been a mentor in his local school district and really enjoys working with young adults in the 14-22 year age group. Tony’s goal is to build a better relationship between the young adult and the law enforcement communities.

“Surviving the Stop”

This is a speech that Tony has designed to help educate people on how to survive any type of stop by a police officer. In light of all the recent deadly incidents in our country involving law enforcement, Tony wants to educate people on things to do to survive a stop. “Surviving the Stop” highlights the ADA’s (Attitude, Decisions, and Accountability) of surviving any type of police stop one might encounter. Stop by Tony’s booth and learn more about surviving a police stop in the best possible way.

S.A.V.E.D-(not a religious book)

Student Athletes Valuing their Education and Decisions is a book that can be used by any young adult regardless if you play sports or not. The book help young adults focus on a sense of self, confidence, a plan for education, sports participation, character, decision making, and how to interact with law enforcement. Tony considers his book to be a student’s guide to success in sports and life. Tony is currently working on his second book due out in the fall which will be a similar book focused on students only.

Tony’s Bio

Tony has been a police officer in California and Texas for over 20 years. He is a military veteran, author, life coach and speaker. Tony educational background includes a Bachelor’s of Science in Criminal Justice Management and a Master’s of Science in Sports Administration. He is a former semi-pro football player from Houston, Texas and moved to the San Francisco bay area in 2001. 

Media Contact
Company Name: Tony C. Spears
Email: tony@teamspears.com
Phone: (925) 639-4349 Twitter: @tonycspears
Country: United States
Website: www.tonycspears.com