Leanard Green Chief Operating Officer Signs Platinum Recording Artist Mc Brains To Illustra Records & Distribution.

Illustra Records & Distribution signs Platinum Recording Artist MC Brains and His Company Gettin Brainz Ent. to a Huge Mega Deal.

“From Selling Million of Records On Biv 10 Ent. Michael Bivins Record Label to Having My Own Record Company Powered By a Machine like Illustra Records and Distribution is Amazing,” said Mc Brains.

“MC Brainz Will Definatley Put His Stamp On The Music Industry With His Well Deserved Return” said Leanard Green Chief Operating Officer For Illustra Records & Distribution.

His new project CINDERFE77A is his hottest releases yet, releasing early of 2017. It showcases the two different sides of his talent. Substance is the key for this M.C. Although the ladies is his primary fanbase and focus, he also showcases his hiphop roots and lyrical ability.

Brainz says…”When I was growing up the adults were avid listeners of hiphop music, not anymore but i’m here to give that back to them”.  Brainz has a tremendous amount of talent and heart; not only making this release justified; but just the beginning of the Brainz legacy. He is also very proactive in his community and the betterment of our future leaders.

About Mc Brains:

M.C. Brainz (born James DeShannon Davis) was born in Cleveland, Ohio on May 24th. Born with a lovefor music and a talent for performing; Brainz grew up knowing he wanted to be an M.C. He performedanywhere and for anyone who wanted to listen to him; but Brainz had to face a few life struggles to get there.

After the loss of his brother and stepfather; Brainz, by the age of 13, had found his comfort in the streets. He was gang banging, drug dealing, and losing friends left and right. He was saved just in the nick of time. One day as a youngster everything changed overnight for Brainz.

A friend who worked at the local Dennys called Brainz to let him know that Michael Bivins (of New Edition fame) and his entourage were dining atthe restaurant. Brainz woke up mama and they were off to Denny’s to take a leap of faith. After mamasquick introduction to Biv, Brainz was freestylin in the parking lot of the Denny’s the next month he was on aplane to L.A. As Brainz puts it; it was just like Trading Places. He was on the Sunset Strip donning new clothes, meeting beautiful women and riding in luxe cars. He is part of Michael Bivin’s Biv 10; and now James DeShannon Davis is MC Brains.

MC Brains 1st major performance was at The Apollo in 1992. He was added to the roster with Boyz II Men and ABC at the very last minute. His single had not yet been released. He gets on the stage and performs Oochie Coochie and gets a standing ovation. After that astounding performance, Motown Records calls and they want his album completed in 30 days. In 1992, MC Brains 1st CD release entitled Lovers Lane on Biv10/Motown went gold and his 1st single Oochie Coochie went platinum. This album also birth to billboard charting songs entitled “Everybody’s Talkin About M.C. Brains” and followed by “Brainstormin” featuring Boyz 2 Men. Still today he is Cleveland’s 1st and only solo platimum rap artist til date.

He performed at the American Music Awards, and Dick Clarks New Years Rockin Eve and was touring around all over the world. He presented at the Soul Train Music Awards and hosted Yo! MTV Raps. MC Brains graced the covers of many urban music publications; including Black Beat and Word Up! Magazines. The women fell in love with his sex appeal and now Everybody’s Talkin about MC Brains. He released his second album on Ichiban Records; an Indie-label out of Atl. It was a new experiences coming out independently for Brainz at that time, with pretty much no promotion. Still doing what he love to do, he traveled and did shows to promote the album. Even tho sales wasn’t like the first time around, he was able to generate revenue. Brainz is also known as “Cleveland’s 1st Platinum M.C.”. A real M.C. stay sharp on his craft and that’s just what he did. While still working in the studio and performing spot dates, he decided to focus more on DeShannon, family, and life as a man. Now a grown man that has been though a lot more then the average man his age, he understands his role in life. Now juggling normal life and life as a entertainer, this gave him a sense of reality as a writer. Releasing a few underground albums and mixtapes during this time kept him sharp for the best to come.

About Leanard Green:

Leanard Green is no stranger to the music industry.He began singing in an r&b group in 1987. After his stint with the all boy group, later Leanard began Managing several artist in the Tri-State of Philadelphia, Baltimore and New York. His passion for music propelled him to work with new talent and help them develop their skills. With his new found position at Illustra Records & Distribution Mr. Green is responsible for bringing H-FIVE, RIFF, BRIAN BDUB WILSON, DR FUNK MIND BODY & SOUL, MANAGING SEAN WHYTE, BRINGING THE A&R’s PETER ALLEN, LITTLE PIE McELVEEN, PHYLLIS JAMES, RICKY DURAN, MARY JANE SEGURA AND MANY OTHERS WHILE LOCKING DOWN LEGENDARY MC/RAPPER MC BRAINS GIVING HIM HIS VERY OWN MAJOR LABEL DEAL. 

About Illustra Records & Distribution:

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Contact Person: Leonard Green
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