Leading VoIP Company, Global Voice Direct, Helps Small to Medium Size Business Boost Using An Industry-First Solution

17 January, 2018 – Global Voice Direct proudly announce the availability of their unique service, helping business owners establish business credit by providing a $7,500 credit line and report their timely payment to the credit bureau as well. Global Voice Direct has a state-of-the-art technology built to help businesses stay on top of their communication game and build outstanding business credit by reporting of payments to a reputable credit agency.

Global Voice Direct uses the latest technology in telephony services, making it easier for businesses to grow using high-quality and sound communication tools. Global Voice Direct has helped hundreds of companies increase sales, boost client retention and help companies make more profits.

“I knew I needed a phone system, but had no idea what. That’s when GLOBAL VOICE DIRECT stepped in. They advised me of the right system and installed in days. Better than that – they gave me credit when nobody else would! I am happy beyond belief – and so will you be!” – Georgia L, St Augustine, a recent client.

Creating a top quality telephony system is absolutely important to the success of any business, but setting up a reliable telephony solution will cost thousands of dollars, creating some financial strain on small businesses. Global Voice helps take away the hassle of funding and installing a new phone system; helping business owners to focus on what is most important while growing their business.

“Over the years, our services have helped hundreds of businesses solve their corporate communication problems and help them establish business credit as well. If you want to communicate with your customers like a Fortune 500 company, we are your best choice,” says Garry Walsh.

He says further, “We help provide a credit line of $7,500 and report your timely payment to the credit bureau thereby establishing your business credit. By using our services, you can portray your business like a Fortune 500 company and have your credit line improved at the same time.”

For more information about the credit line service, visit www.creditline.globalvoicedirect.com

About The Company

Global Voice Direct is a top voice termination supplier in the world, clocking over 33 billion minutes per year with 571 direct interconnects and industry leading rates. Global Voice Direct has a unique set of technologies that support business communications round the clock and improve their business credibility as well.

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