Leading skincare brand Vernell New York Launches New 100% Vegan Proven Make-up Cleanser

Leading skincare brand Vernell New York has launched its new soap-free 100% vegan and dermatologist developed make-up remover and cleanser Pink Pearl for all skin types. The company produces and markets revolutionary organic skincare products for healthier and youthful skin.

New York, 19th May 2016: Leading skincare brand Vernell New York Inc. has recently announced the launch of its new 100% vegan cleanser & make-up remover “Pink Pearl Oil Free Cleanser + Make Up Removal”. A scientifically proven and dermatologist developed product, the new make-up removal cleanser speaks of youthful glow and healthier skin.

“We are excited to announce the recent launch of our new cleanser & make-up removal product Pink Pearl. It’s oil-free, thoroughly tested and completely paraben free. Many are aware of the harmful effects of soap cleansing on skin and thus we are bringing to the market a soap-free formulation that would thoroughly yet gently cleanse your skin- while keeping it moist and soft. It maintains proper pH balance of the skin and unlike other regular cleansers, it doesn’t strip your tender skin of its natural oils. You will end up with younger looking and healthier skin”, stated the leading spokesperson from Vernell while announcing the launch.

The fragrance free, non-comedogenic cleanser is suitable even for the most delicate skins. Akin to all other Vernell products, the new make-up cleanser spells natural ingredients such as sunflower seed oil, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract and etc.   

“We wanted to create something that would nourish every skin type whether it is dry or normal or sensitive.”

A name of repute across the NY skincare scene, Vernell New York is an initiative by Kanjana Sarapee. Launched in 2013, the platform is a follow-up of Kanjana’s hands-on training on best skincare practices and solutions from all across the globe. Like many other women, Kanjana also had her dark cell and acne-prone days precipitated from regular make-up products in the market. This motivated led her to come up with something revolutionary that would not just revitalize the skin but would also enhance makeup’s quality.

“My mother had always said the key to your glory lies in a healthy skin, stated Kanjana” I have the more matured, the more I have realized the wisdom of her advice. Vernell New York is an expression of this belief and we always believe that beautiful skin is not just pretty but is also the mirrors to health & well-being. It is my mission to make Vernell New York ‘the’ brand that not just offers effective skin care products but inspires woman to pursue the true meaning of life”, smiled Ms. Sarapee while discussing the story and vision behind her brand.

Teamed with an esteemed NY-based research center, Vernell New York develops new natural technologies that can assure healthy and youthful skin through the organic ingredients. The brand banks on the breakthrough technology of PhytoCellTec that counters aging effects with Malus Domestica, pedigreed Swiss apple extracts, as the active ingredient. This plant derivative features the proven greatness to guard stem cells of the skin from the environmental damage.

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In addition to cleansing and make-up removal products, Vernell offers skin-brightening products, anti-aging as well as acne solutions.

“We know that women love make-up and it makes us more beautiful, confident and happier. But then, we can’t let make-up ruin your natural beauty. Hence we have come up with organic goodies that would keep your skin healthy, free from acne or wrinkles, common with usual make-up products in the market. We are here to revolutionize anti-aging results with our proven formula that can guarantee true rejuvenation power. You end up looking healthier, spirited, more youthful and glorious that would altogether ensure a better life.”

To know more about Pink Pearl Oil Free Cleanser and other products from Vernell New York, please visit https://vernellnewyork.com.

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