Leading Real Estate Agent In Montrose, CA: Craft A Winning Real Estate Offer Is A Science

Those looking to sell a home realize they want the maximum amount possible while the buyers wants to pay the smallest amount possible. This is a very delicate line and swinging one way or the other can ruin the deal.

Vic Markarian is a professional real estate selling agent in Montrose, CA. His years of experience in the industry mean he can work deals that others may not be able to do.

“It is currently an investor and buyer market. Rates are up, but sellers are looking to move their properties as quickly as possible. This means flexibility,” said Markarian.

In today’s competitive real estate market, crafting a winning offer is like conducting a precise science. Vic Markarian’s expertise extends beyond just sellers; he also helps buyers navigate this intricate landscape. His insights into the market dynamics and negotiation strategies have consistently resulted in substantial savings for his clients. Markarian’s recent success story includes a client who closed on a newly remodeled home with savings of almost $25,000.00 and a lender credit, all while having Markarian’s unwavering support throughout the process.

“There is a saying in the industry: ‘Date your rate, and marry the property.’ This means you can always refinance later on, but the price will not change. For those looking to buy a home, I say now is as good a time as any,” said Markarian acting as the best real estate agent in Montrose, California.

Vic Markarian is among the best Realtors in Montrose, CA. With a proven track record and over 34 years in the business, Markarian and his team can move properties where others have not. Learn more at the website. Visit http://markarianrealty.com/ and https://www.vicmarkarian.com/ for more.

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