Leading Authority in Healthcare Reveals the Power of the First Phone Call in Latest White Paper

Leading Authority in Healthcare Reveals the Power of the First Phone Call in Latest White Paper
The Baird Group, a leading healthcare authority, releases new white paper that outlines the power of that first phone call to healthcare providers.

Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin – October 24, 2023 – Baird Group, a leading authority in healthcare culture and patient experience improvement, announces the release of its latest white paper, “The Power of the First Phone Call.” This insightful study, led by Kristin Baird, MHA, BSN, RN, delves into over 13,000 medical mystery shops to analyze the factors that influence patients’ likelihood of returning to or recommending a medical facility.

In a rapidly changing healthcare landscape, the first point of contact between a consumer (potential patient) and a medical facility plays a pivotal role in shaping their overall experience. “The Power of the First Phone Call” explores how these initial interactions impact patient perceptions and behaviors, shedding light on essential insights for healthcare providers seeking to enhance consumer engagement, satisfaction, and retention.

Key findings from the white paper include:

1. Increase in Non-Return Likelihood: Since 2016, the percentage of callers who reported that they are not likely to return to a medical facility based on their first call has risen from 35% to 38%. This upward trend highlights the growing significance of the initial phone call in shaping a consumer’s decision to become a patient.

2. COVID-19’s Influence: The study examines how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted patients’ expectations about appointment access and concerns during their initial contact with healthcare facilities. It reveals valuable data on how providers can adapt to meet evolving patient needs effectively.

3. Best Practices: “The Power of the First Phone Call” also offers a comprehensive set of best practices and actionable recommendations for healthcare organizations to improve their consumer engagement strategies, ensuring positive first impressions and encouraging patient loyalty.

This white paper shares findings critical to healthcare executives, administrators, and professionals dedicated to improving the patient experience. 

“We are thrilled to share the findings of ‘The Power of the First Phone Call’ with the healthcare community,” said Kristin Baird, president and CEO of Baird Group. “In an era of increased competition and patient choice, understanding the significance of the first phone call is crucial for healthcare organizations looking to stand out and build lasting patient relationships. Your marketing strategy may be the best at getting the phone to ring, but it may all fall apart from there.”

Mystery shopping, also known as secret shopping, has been used in other industries like retail, hospitality, and banking for decades but is relatively new to healthcare. Baird Group, https://baird-group.com, has been conducting mystery shopping research for over two decades to help healthcare leaders understand the consumer perspective at each touchpoint in their healthcare journey. Most recently, Baird has added Good Faith Estimates research to their offerings. 

To access this informative white paper, visit https://baird-group.com/white-paper-download/?id=224 and download your copy. For media inquiries or interviews with Kris Baird or other members of the Baird Group team, contact Hillary Baird at Hillary@baird-group.com.

About Baird Group:

Baird Group, https://baird-group.com, is a trusted leader in healthcare consulting, specializing in patient experience improvement. With a team of dedicated experts, Baird Group empowers healthcare organizations to transform the healthcare experience and drive excellence in care delivery.

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