Law Firm Warns Canadians to Consider Family Law Agreements

A Canadian law firm has revealed why everyone needs to consider Family Law Agreements to potentially save money and their family in the future.

Lichtblau Law Office has issued a guide to family agreements to help people understand why such a legal document could save a lot of heartache down the line.

A spokesman for Lichtblau Law Office said: “Most people don’t want to think about what might go wrong within a family in the future. We don’t want to take away the romance, fun and positivity of life and relationships, but with just a small amount of thought, planning and organization, families will know they are protected against any future issues.

“If things do go wrong in the future, the case preparation could take hours of research, intelligence gathering and meetings. Attorneys usually charge by the hour, so it can end up being a very costly exercise, and that is usually an extra stress people don’t need when they are going through a divorce or family split.

Family Law Agreements are not just the so-called ‘pre nup’ agreements for people getting married. We draw up Family Law Agreements for cohabiting couples, paternity agreements, separation documents and estate planning.

“The idea of a Family Law Agreement is that it is perfectly tailored to fit your circumstances. Whether you are married or living together, whether you have children or not and whether you have a simple or complex financial situation, these are all of the details and more that we cover in a Family Law Agreement.

“Such an agreement is designed to protect our client’s interests and stop nasty and costly legal battles in the future. We will draft all of our clients’ interests and concerns into one legal document. The final document will lay out the terms in clear and easy to understand language that cannot be misinterpreted.

“When there are children involved in a dispute, then this can often inflame situations even more and that doesn’t have a positive impact on the child’s emotional and psychological health. Having an easy to understand agreement could transform the whole process and impact on the wider family.

“Once the document is prepared it can be locked away and forgotten about so our clients can get on with their lives and enjoy their family and relationships as they normally would. Nothing changes, apart from the fact that their interests are protected for any potential unrest in the future. It is an invisible security blanket that could save them thousands in legal costs too,” he added.

Lichtblau Law Office, based in Wilson Heights Boulevard, works with families across the Greater Toronto Area. The company also provides guidance on child support, spousal support, mediation services, and alongside family law they have a team of lawyers specializing in real estate law and company and business law.

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Lichtblau Law Office has worked in family, estate planning, real estate and company and business law across the Greater Toronto Area for more than 20 years. It has a team of highly qualified lawyers who are focused on delivering holistic and cost effective legal advice to its individuals and companies.

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