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The Organization has launched the Google Apps to Office 365 migration software. This handout is an approach to make the Google Apps data migration to Office 365 and convert the Google Apps data to the Office 365 file formats and save it on the users local computer system.

Salt Lake City, Utah, 19th September 2016: The Organization today has launched the Google Apps to Office 365 migration software version 1.0 with advanced built-in features and a great new looking user interface. The software developers believe that users who are using the Google Apps and wants to migrate their Google Apps data to Office 365. The software enables them to migrate their Google Apps data to Office 365 and then save that data into the local computer system.

How Does Google Apps To Office 365 Migration v 1.0 Software Migrates the Data

Once the user was work with the Google Apps and his entire data was saved using Google Apps only. But, the organization where the user was working in, informed its employees that they won’t be further working with Google Apps and will carry on to work with the Office 365. There can be two choices for the above scenario first, migrate Google Apps Data using manual steps like Google Takeout and Google Backup software available by Google and second, use the third- party software available in the market. The manual solutions are time consuming and can lead to the loss of data. So, for the third-party solution Google Apps to Office 365 migration software is the best solution. The users can migrate the Exchange mailboxes to Office 365 file formats with ease using this software.

Google Apps to Office 365 Migration v 1.0 : Overview

This software migrates all the Google Apps data to Office 365. In addition, it also creates the backup of all the converted files and save it to the user’s computer system. The user can also choose to migrate their important Emails, Contacts and Calendars from the Google Apps or select all the Google Apps Data to be migrated to Office 365. Moreover both single user and domain user Google account can login and migrate the Google Apps data to Office 365 at one time.

Unique Features of the v 1.0 Software

The creator of the software has given many advanced and useful built-in features with the migration software. Out of all the features, there are 6 unique features that makes it unique than the other software available in the market currently. These features are as follows:

  • Simple steps to export Google Apps mailbox to Office 365 mailbox.
  • Ability to pause and resume the migration process.
  • While exporting the data items can be filtered and data filters can also be applied while the data is to be exported based on a particular date.
  • Contacts, Calendars and Notes of Google Apps can be exported to Office 365 account.
  • Multiple domain facility is provided so that multiple Google Account users can login at once and migrate the data at once.
  • To access the multiple Google Accounts in interface Authentication Feature allows to keep the account secure.

Data Migrated to the Office 365

Before this we discussed, the Google Apps to Office 365 Migration not only migrates and transfers the mailboxes but also it migrates other data which is included in the Google Apps. These four data are migrated including the mailboxes:

  • Calendars: There are some events held in the organization where the appointments are communicated with the use of Google Apps Calendar. It is also necessary to migrate them as well so that users dont forget the date and meetings and events held in the organization.
  • Contacts: There are some contacts in Google Apps which the users send the emails to. Without it user cannot send the mail and they tend to forget their names and user ID. In this case,  contacts migration is necessary as well.
  • Journals.
  • Google Docs.
  • Google Spreadsheets.
  • Notes.

Evans Swans, Director of Product Development quoted that:

“Google Apps mailbox data is not easy to migrate using the manual methods like Google Takeout and Google Backup tool. Because, all the data from the Google Apps is not migrated completely. There can be some items which can be lost while you are migrating the data from Google Apps to Office 365 using manual methods. So, in that case we developed the software Google Apps to Office 365 migration. This not only migrates all the emails from Google Apps mailbox but also migrates all the other data like contacts, calendars, journals, notes, docs and spreadsheets etc. Hence, the organization has provided an easy method by using the Google Apps to Office 365 software to migrate all the Google Apps data to Office 365 with comfortably. In addition, the software has learning tutorials which helps users in running the software with ease of use”

The version available for the software are of two types first, is the trial version in which only 25 mailboxes or 100 items can be migrated. The Second, is the licensed version which are of three types Personal License, Business License and Enterprise License. For any queries related to the software kindly contact the Technical support department regarding any issues and queries related to the software.

Conclusion: The Google Apps to Office 365 Migration software is now available on company official website. For more information related to the product you can visit

About : SysTools is one of the leading organization which deals in data migration domain. There many products and services that are available to migrate the data from one email client to another. So, one such software is Google Apps to Office 365 Migration which is the simplest software to use and is provided with the steps and methods to use the software and can be used easily with step by step tutorials and methods. In addition, the software can be run without any requirement of the technical experts. 

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