Launch of SQL Log Analyzer to Forensically Read and Analyze SQL Server LDF Files

This release has been made to make web users aware of a new product SQL Log Analyzer. The main highlights of the product are its commendable features. The product is made using brilliant designing algorithms that it has wowed the users worldwide.

Salt Lake City, Utah – June 07, 2017 – A 500 fortune Data Management Company has recently incarnated a new product in its auspicious that is working as a cherry on the cake for the organization. The tool is named as SQL Log Analyzer and has the potential to monitor the log files accurately. The main aim of the software is to satisfy the needs of the customers so that they can easily read SQL log files and then analyze it.

The product is designed in such a way, that it can resolve all the issues related to .ldf files. In addition to it, the tool has so many marvelous features in its kitty that makes the tool worth a look. The SQL Log Analyzer works as a stand-alone utility as it can read and analyze all transaction log files in SQL server. Due to this feature, it stands above all the utilities present in the online market. The software renders the users with many prominent features like preview LDF files activity and even supports the multiple NDF files analysis. Moreover, the tool works in case of both the SQL Server databases, be it online or offline. Apart from all these features, there is no size limitations imposed by the developers. Moreover, the SQL log Analyzer supports all the .ldf files present in any SQL Server be it 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008, and 2005. Henceforth, the tool is considered as a helping hand in case of any error encountered.

“Time and again we have been observing that it become difficult to open log files in SQL Server. The users were so disturbed by the problem, that they went bonkers over the issue and wanted an appropriate solution to the problem. Henceforth keeping the requirement in mind the company incarnated the SQL Log Analyzer so that users can feel at ease while using the tool. Moreover, the tool is designed with a simple interface so that any technical or non- technical user can use it without any hassle. In addition to it, the utility is designed in such a way that it can recover all the deleted entries from the SQL Log Server. The tool can be even considered as a tailor-made program as it can work as per user’s choice. The software fulfils all the requirements of the users easily” said the Lab Manager.

Prominent Features of SysTools SQL Log Analyzer

The tool with lot of embedded features that can come to rescue at the time of need. All the highlighted features of the tool make it worth a look are described below:

  • The tool renders an option where users can recover all the deleted entries from the SQL log files
  • The software provides an option where users can read and analyze all log transactions like Insert, Update, delete and many more
  • The utility is made using an amazing algorithm where it can fetch as well as view records from the Live database
  • The tool has a brilliant interface that provides the support to analyze multiple NDF files with an ease
  • The SQL Log Analyzer works and supports all the databases from the SQL server be it 2016 or the earlier one

“Log files are like a helping hand in the SQL server database. It resolves the issue of corruption by helping in recovering the data files from damaged one. Everyone is aware of the problems encountered in SQL Log files while working on daily basis. Thus, in order to resolve the issues, the developers have generated a tool, which can read and analyze transactional log files. The best part of the SQL Log Analyzer is that it maintains the integrity of data while performing the action. No case of data loss is reported while using the tool. In addition to it, the tool provides a three way process to export the SQL Log File. The software is seriously the best way to get rid of all the problems related to SQL Server. We believe in the fact that SQL Log Analyzer tool will be praised a lot by the SQL users in no time” said the Director of Product Development.

Availability of SQL Log Analyzer Tool

The tool is available in two versions one is trial based i.e., freeware and the other one is the licensed one i.e., paid one. The trial edition as well as the paid version of SQL Log Analyzer tool is available on the official website. Once satisfied with the working of tool, one can get the access to the paid software buy purchasing it from the website itself. One should feel free while buying the software as it is free from any kind of fraud. 

Media Contact
Company Name: SysTools Inc.
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Phone: +1 888 900 4529
City: Salt Lake City
State: Utah
Country: United States