Launch of Handy Carry Pouch for Multitool by Cerberuso Set to Benefit Summer Campers & Hikers Announces Manufacturer

Launch of Carrying Pouch for Fathers Day Will Give Added Benefit to All Customers Says Cerberuso

In a statement today by Multitool manufacturer Cerberuso they announced the addition of a carry case to their popular multitool product range in time for Fathers Day saying that the new design would add additional benefit to all the customers who use the popular multitool. DIY enthusiasts, hunters, survivalists and especially at this time of year the thousands of hikers and camping enthusiasts that will be setting off on outdoor experiences this summer.

The Cerberuso Multitool is a robust stainless steel multitool with 16 separate elements to include wire cutters, wire strippers, spring loaded nose pliers, serrated edge knife, long blade, short blade, bottle opener, can opener, flathead screwdrivers in 3 sizes, Phillips screwdriver and file. The compact device is the perfect companion for anyone pursuing the outdoor experience and can easily cope with any task that would normally need a heavy bag of equivalent tools. Whilst a mainstay essential for many tradesmen such as electricians, plumbers and painters, the carrying weight of x ounces means that when its time to relax and enjoy the outdoors, the Cerberuso Multitool is the ideal travelling companion to ensure a trouble free outdoor experience.

A spokesperson explained further, “The launch of the carrying pouch for our multitool is all about making a great product even better. We listen to the feedback from our customers and the carry pouch which can be attached to a belt or used independently adds that extra benefit for those people who want to have the multitool to hand. Whether it is in the workplace where we find tradesmen and women find it invaluable or at this time of year it will benefit the outdoor experience of hikers and campers.”

The Cerberuso Multitool, which holds an 87% 5 stars rating on Amazon has customers who have only good things to say. See below for some selected comments:

“Me and my husband are survivalists as well as the proud owners of enough tools to stock a hardware store. One priceless tool we commonly carry are multitools. They can come in all styles with several different functions. Multitools are perfect for quick fixes of everyday problems if you have the right one. Cerberuso makes a multitool that is by far one of the best I’ve ever had!

The multitool is made of high quality durable stainless steel with a nice powder black finish. The design is very sleek and stands out from the rest by just looking so awesome and high tech. It has 13 different functions to cover every possible need. You can easily open it up to have expose the spring loaded pliers that also have a wire cutter and stripper part near he base of the pliers. On one side of the multitool you can easily fold out a sharp knife, philips screwdriver head, flathead screwdriver and a serrated saw. On the other side you can easily fold out a bottle/can opener, another flathead screwdriver, letter opener or awl and a file with a tip that also doubles as another flathead screwdriver as well. Once folded down, each piece locks into place and you can easily fold it back in by just pressing a button on the inside of the tool. I love the easy button since I’m used to a sliding lock, which can be a bit challenging if your hands are sweaty or gunky.”

This is a very well made tool! I’ve seen many multi-tools and for the price this is the best. You will not be disappointed in the quality!”

One thing I LOVE about this tool that stands out from the rest… when you fold out the tools on the handle, they click into place. They’re easily released with a simple “button” (I can’t think of a better term.) that you press. This, to me, is a great bonus! You’re not fighting to keep your tool open and not slipping around while you’re trying to use it.”

The Cerberuso Multitool is available exclusively on Amazon USA. For a limited time it may be able to purchase the Cerberuso Multitool at a discount to its RRP, (Recommended Retail Price)


Cerberuso is the manufacturer and sole distributor of the Cerberuso Multitool with Carrying Case. The Multitool is available exclusively to purchase at Amazon USA.

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