Latest Collaboration: Ice Billion Berg and Wolf Pack University

Latest Collaboration: Ice Billion Berg and Wolf Pack University
Artists Ice Billion Berg and Ghos Wolf to release their newest hit single at the end of August 2022

Teiron Robinson, also known as Ice Billion Berg, is an artist, an entrepreneur, as well as the owner of Live House Music Group, an entertainment company which has worked with many stars in South Florida. He is a former member of Dunk Ryder and Cash Money Records, he has released almost a dozen successful mixtapes and the 2015 album LiveLifeLive. Ice has evolved his once crazy lifestyle to one filled with spirituality, and he is described as an incredibly caring person. When he is not working or performing, he is a heartfelt father. Ghos Wolf is signed with Wolf Pack University and is the singer on the hook of the single. The two labels decided to collab together on their latest project, “Funky Night.” Wolf Pack University shared that their goal is to build a platform with a big artist like Ice, and they are excited to see what the future holds for them.

Wolf Pack University states, “We are not just a record label, We Are Wolf.” Their single, “Funky Night,” is currently available for pre-order and will officially release August 29, 2022.

Ice Billion Berg shares, “It’s not who’s the strongest, it’s who lasts the longest! The needed lessons for the destination are all a part of the journey! I’m on my way!”

Have You Yourself Heard of Wolf Pack University?

Wolf Pack University is not only a record label, it’s also a platform created to put the power back in the hands of the creatives. All the pitfalls they navigated early in their journey yielded the outcomes necessary to start a successful record business. Their team of diverse artists span various genres and perspectives which gives the label a universal appeal.

Throughout this experience, they have learned that vertical integration within a business is a major key to success.  They have found it is important to have access to their own recording studio, production studio, and photography/videography equipment, so they decided to partner with a multimedia production studio. They have also partnered with industry tastemakers that understand their vision and can effectively articulate it to top music and fashion industry executives. They are not just a record label, they are WOLF.

Live House Music Group and What They Offer

Teiron Robinson, also known as Ice Billion Berg, is an artist and the owner of the entertainment company Live House Music Group. Ice Billion Berg was inspired by his father/business partner, whom he called “Coach,” to officially start in 2012, and they have been streaming music through Empire as a distributor since 2013. Before opening the label, Ice was making good money from shows on the street circuit packing out clubs throughout the southeast region since 2009, which is mainly how they developed a more organic approach to pushing music. Live House has worked with several South Florida stars early in their careers, further proving itself as a solid brand with a strong cultural foundation. Aside from music, Live House has an established merchandise line. Since 2014, Live House has sold thousands of t-shirts and other items through its flagship store and online website

Ice looks at Live House Music Group as a partner to artists rather than a conventional record label because of our organic building methods, which have proven effective based on the many upcoming acts from South Florida they’ve worked with that eventually became household names.

Ice Billion Berg, Himself

Rapper Ice Billion Berg got his start during his teenage years as a member of Trick Daddy’s Dunk Ryders crew. He’s since maintained his presence in South Florida’s rap scene. Along with artists like Tampa Tony, Khia, and Desloc Piccalo, Berg has helped popularize jook, a fast-paced subgenre with bounce and dancehall influences from the Tampa Bay area. Originally signed to Cash Money as a member of Dunk Ryders, Berg was communicating with Rick Ross for asolo deal at Maybach Music Group. Instead, he’s been independently releasing music through his own label, Live House, since 2012. Since 2017, the prolific rapper has been releasing a minimum of two projects a year with three dropping in 2020 alone (Strictly for the Streets 5, Billiano, and Power Over Popularity).

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