LASUCO’s Kanpe Red – Vietnamese Canned Sugarcane Juice Now Available In US Market

LASUCO's Kanpe Red - Vietnamese Canned Sugarcane Juice Now Available In US Market
The first batches of Vietnamese canned sugarcane juice made by Lam Son Sugar JSC(Lasuco), namely Kanpe Red, have recently hit the shelves of convenience stores and supermarkets in the coastal city of Miami in Florida of the US.

Lam Son Town, Tho Xuan District, Thanh Hoa Province, Vietnam – May 13, 2024 – Lam Son Sugar Cane Joint Stock Corporation (LASUCO), a leader in Vietnam’s agricultural industry, is excited to announce that Kanpe Red, their premium canned sugarcane juice, is now available for purchase in Miami, Florida.

Sporting the vibrant Vietnamese national flag on each can, this new offering is introduced in partnership Between Lasuco with Henri R. Chaumin, a distinguished  United state of America businessman, ensuring a broad reach within various retail outlets including supermarkets and convenience stores. 

Kanpe Red stands out in the crowded beverage market due to its exceptional quality, having achieved certification from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This certification underscores the drink’s adherence to the highest standards of quality and safety, attributes that are already winning over consumers in Miami since its introduction earlier this year. 

The drink’s unique selling point is its composition—99% pure sugarcane juice enhanced with a hint of kumquat flavor, offering a refreshing taste unlike any other in the market. This not only caters to health-conscious consumers looking for natural beverage options but also guarantees freshness and quality, maintaining its best taste for up to one year. 

Henri R. Chaumin, Chairman of Mega 4’s Bottling Company, shared insights into the competitive landscape, noting that another brand offers a product comprising only 32% sugarcane juice, with the remainder being water and added sugars. This stark contrast highlights the superior quality of Kanpe Red, setting a new standard for authenticity and taste in the sugarcane juice market. 

As part of a strategic expansion plan, Chaumin and Lasuco expressed their intention to distribute Kanpe Red across the United States, starting with densely Latin American populated coastal areas, and eventually reaching all 52 states. This approach not only taps into a demographic with an existing appreciation for sugarcane beverages but also broadens the potential consumer base. 

The expansion hopes are supported by positive regulatory conditions. According to Do Ngoc Hung, a Vietnamese Trade Counselor in the US, sugarcane juice products like Kanpe Red have favorable export prospects. They are not listed among items requiring pest risk-related inspections, facilitating smoother entry into the US market. 

Chaumin and LASUCO is optimistic about the future of Kanpe Red in the US, aiming for the drink to not only find a place in American homes but also to solidify the presence of the Vietnamese brand overseas. “We believe that Kanpe Red will become a household name, showcasing the best of Vietnamese agriculture and contributing to a more diverse American beverage market,” said Chaumin. 

With LASUCO’s commitment to quality and Chaumin’s strategic distribution plans, Kanpe Red is set to become a significant player in the US beverage industry, providing consumers with a healthy, flavorful alternative that pays homage to its Vietnamese roots, affirms Trung Tran Xuan, Import- Export Vice Director of LASUCO.

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