Lamborghini Enters the Cigar Market

With two luxury cigars called the MCMXCIV Habano & 350 GTV Maduro

Philadelphia, PA – Philadelphia PA based company Lamborghini Latino America, USA ( licensed the Lamborghini Brand to manufacture the first Cigar under the popular and luxury brand name.  Lamborghini Cigars are manufactured by the Hernandez Cantillo family; they are imported from Estali, Nicaragua.

Lamborghini Cigars was manufactured to expand the Lamborghini footprint into other promising markets, therefore adding a larger customer base. It is a part of the Lifestyle products line for the company.  As stated by Anthony Crudup “Everyone may not be able to afford a supercar. But they can experience that luxurious feeling, few are privileged to experience by purchasing our products.

As it is popularly said, “There is nothing like driving a Lamborghini”; the saying also applies to the Lamborghini Cigar.   In producing this Cigar, we made sure that the blend of tobaccos would give us the perfect flavor and smoke of any of the premium cigars on the market.  We ensured  this because we want to be the best, top notch and branded for perfection; we wanted to be better or in the same rating as the Liga Privadas, the Cubans or anything else out on the market.

We are serious contenders in any market we enter, rigorous planning and perfect engineering has always been the staple of Lamborghini products, and we imported that method into our Cigar brand; hence this isn’t some branding exercise to just slap the Lamborghini brand on products and raise to price for profit.

About Lamborghini Cigars

The Lamborghini Cigar line consist of 2 blends; the Maduro and the Habano blends.  They only come in the 7 X 56 size and can be purchased as a single stick or box of 20.  Each cigar blend was named after a specific milestone in the company’s history.

The Maduro 350 GTV is named after the legendary automobile that was the very first automobile to be created after the infamous fight between Lamborghini and Ferrari.   This car was made to show the world that we could build a car better than any other car that existed.  This is the very same way we think of our cigars.

The Habano MCMXCIV (1994) is named after the year the agreement between Lamborghini SPA and Jorge A. F. Garcia signed the licensing, manufacturing, retail and distribution deal for 99 years.  Shortly after, Lamborghini Latino America was created.  We know that our cigars are some of the best on the market and we are very proud to leave it that way.

To purchase our cigars, visit You could purchase a single cigar and learn more about our lifestyle products, including T-shirts and other product coming soon.

But here is the beautiful part; we are celebrating the website opening with a contest and 15% discount of all products for a limited time only. We want everyone to know that if you are seen smoking one of our sticks then you get that nod of respect from all the other cigar smokers around you.   Order your Lamborghini cigars today.

Media Contact
Company Name: Lamborghini Latinoamerica USA
Contact Person: Anthony Crudup Jr
Phone: +1 267 207 9393
Country: United States