Kuester Management Group Outlines Tips for Choosing Vendors for the HOA

Kuester Management Group provides insight on how to effectively vet and select vendors to work with the HOA.

Running an efficient and effective HOA community is no small feat. It requires more than just a strong board; committees, homeowners, property managers, and contractors are just a few of the other people that play an integral role as well.  Kuester Management Group has released a statement to the press regarding tips and considerations when selecting vendors to work with the HOA.

“There are many tasks that HOAs outsource, so finding the right contractors to partner with is imperative,” says Bryan Kuester, President of Kuester Management Group. “The HOA wants to ensure that it’s not only getting the best return for its investment, but that the contractor is providing safe, quality service that meets the community’s needs.”

Before submitting an RFP, Kuester encourages boards to think through exactly what their needs are. Consider the scope of the project, how often services are expected, what services are required, and how much the HOA has budgeted to spend. Outline all of these details in the bid request to help filter out companies that are not a good fit from the start.

“Once bids come in, don’t just pick the first one that looks good, or the one that has the lowest price,” says Kuester. “Take the time to review exactly what each vendor has to offer. Prices may vary, but if you look closely, the services probably vary as well. One company might include preventive maintenance while another does not, or one might be offering additional services that are not necessary.”

Figure out what the best fit is for the community’s needs and budget. The HOA may be able to work with a vendor to negotiate a better deal by removing services that are not needed or bundling services together. Don’t forget to check the HOA’s governing documents as well to see if there are any stipulations in place such as how long a contract can last.

Kuester also encourages HOAs to do a little research and verify that vendors have up-to-date insurance, bonds, and licensure in place. Check to see if they accredited within their industry or by the Better Business Bureau and if they are in good standing. Read some online reviews as well to get feedback from others – but remember to take it with a grain of salt. HOAs can also ask vendors for references so they can talk to other customers who have used the service.

“Take advantage of the connections your property management company has made as well,” says Kuester. “They can often recommend reputable service providers that they have worked with or help you to prepare and review bids. Use their knowledge and expertise as a resource.”

Kuester Management Group supports HOAs with all aspects of HOA management and serves as a trusted resource for communities. For more information, contact Kuester today at www.kuester.com.


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