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“Full spread of KPOP Foods’ products on popular recipes – (top left to bottom right) chicken wings, tomahawk steak, macaroni and cheese ball, shrimp dynamite bowl, and potato salad.”
KPOP Foods is an innovative Korean food brand bringing versatile, easy-to-use Korean flavors to everyone’s tastebuds. Our current selection of products includes the following:

KPOP Sauce
KPOP Kimchi Mayo Sauce
KPOP Honey Glaze Sauce
KPOP Sea Snacks

KPOP Foods is the innovative Korean foods company bringing versatile, easy-to-use Korean flavors to everyone’s tastebuds. The company is fiercely passionate about sharing great food with great people, and every product they develop is designed to gather you and your loved ones around the dinner table!

Founded in 2017 by Mike and Theo, KPOP Foods debuted with KPOP Sauce, a Korean chili sauce based on Theo’s grandma’s recipe. Following a successful Kickstarter campaign raising nearly $40,000 from over 1,200 supports, KPOP Sauce later became the top new selling chili sauce on Amazon for 3 consecutive months. In April 2018, KPOP Foods debuted its second product, KPOP Sea Snacks, which quickly gained popularity thanks to several partnerships. Then KPOP Foods released two new sauces, KPOP XXX Sauce and KPOP Kimchi Mayo Sauce, this past December and in the following February, wrapped up the product line with KPOP Honey Glaze Sauce.

KPOP Foods’ Head of Product, chef Chris Oh, joined the team in August 2018 and was the mastermind behind KPOP Foods’ three newest sauces. Chris became notorious in the culinary world after starting Seoul Sausage, a fast-casual Korean sausage restaurant, and winning the Food Network’s Great American Food Truck Race. Chris went on to open several award-winning restaurants, win two live cooking shows, and be featured on several shows on the Food Network and Bravo TV. Chris brings a world of creativity and expertise in working with Korean flavors, all of which can be seen in KPOP Foods’ products.

Chris Oh isn’t the only one who chose to partner with KPOP Foods. In a collaboration in June 2018, KPOP Sea Snacks joined the variety of items among the FabFitFun’s Summer Box that highlighted the Pinterest’s Top Trends of 2018. Later that year, KPOP Foods paired with the culinary team at Dog Haus to create the KPOP Burger, a wagyu beef burger with KPOP thousand island atop a Hawaiian bun that with each burger sold, $1 was donated to the No Kid Hungry campaign to end childhood hunger. But the love didn’t stop there, as the KPOP Foods products have been featured by several major media outlets, including most recently the San Diego Union Tribune and Chowhound, and has been the secret ingredient in countless of recipe sites, such as Ballistic BBQ and Cooking with Ry.

As KPOP Foods continues to grow and advances its line of products, they stay true to their mission of bringing Korean foods and flavors to people across the nation. Bringing people together through a mutual love of delicious meals is what KPOP Foods does best, so check out some of the products they have to offer at!

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