Korkable Has Become The Ultimate Online Platform For American Wineries

With Its Informative Blog, Regularly Updated Listings & Events, Korkable is Becoming a One-Stop Solution For Everyone Who Loves Wine

January 9, 2018 – Korkable has arrived as a great news for all the wineries across the United States and it is offering a wide range of information and news regarding wineries that are trusted, authentic and top-rated. It is an online directory that makes the job of finding wineries much easier than ever before. Moreover, people also use Korkable for all the latest news on wineries, information regarding relevant events, wine tastings and much more.

“We have always welcomed wineries to use our platform in order to reach their customers and our trusted network of top-rated Wineries are known industry-wide,” said the spokesperson of Korkable, while talking about the company. “Here at Korkable, we also feature an authentic Wine Blog that shares valuable information with the readers that can range from featuring types of wine glasses to finding the perfect tasting destinations in their area,” he added. Korkable is basically a winery information and recommendation website that specializes in geo-targeted winery listings, crowd-sourced reviews, events and wine education.

In addition, Korkable also shares complete and verified details regarding the upcoming Wine Events across the United States. From free wine tasting events to musical parties themed with wine, Korkable offers everything enthusiasts need to know that is related to this multi-billion dollar industry of wineries. Furthermore, the directory is welcoming new wineries to register and get themselves listed as well as featured on its platform while also inviting the already listed wineries to claim their business.

Wine is an art and there is a famous saying that “when the wine is in, the wit is out”. Korkable truly realizes this and focuses on every tiny detail related to the art of drinking and serving. From choosing the right wine glass to the selection of the right serving temperature, the platform frequently educates its readers with a very informative blog that is now becoming increasingly popular in the wine community.

For more information about this ultimate directory for wineries in America, please visit the website at: www.korkable.com or follow its Facebook page at the link below: www.facebook.com/korkable

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