Korea Government Agency NIPA hosts ISTE 20 LIVE, Participating 13 promising EduTech companies.

From November 29th to December 6th, 13 up and promising Korean EduTech companies participate in ISTE 20 LIVE held in the USA.

These companies which join in this event supported by the Ministry of Trade and NIPA(National information and Communication Industry Promotion Agency), a government agency of the Korea.

Companies joining in this event are so promising business that they are providing their excellent products and EduTech services to Europe including China region, Southeast Asia.

Therefore, this event will be expected that domestic and foreign EduTech companies including associations will be of high interest.

So that many of global organizations are going to be interested in those companies.

Especially, participating companies in this event has not only a high reputation but also various MOU with other institutions and global business.

For instance Mocom Tech, which has patent of their own mobile VR Product in the USA, certified the excellence of their products.

K-Numbers has high awareness in domestic and abroad. It is holding partnership with TABSERA (www.tabsera.com) which is promising Edutech organization in UAE. Furthermore, it also has partnership with many of European and Chinese Edutech companies. Nowadays the status of K-Numbers is increasing dramatically because it achieves to obtain partnership with Ukraine Camtouch (http://camtouch.tech) and China Smart Campu (http://www.3wyc.com).

In addition, these WISE-UP companies participate ISTE have been exporting their own products to Italian universities’ educational institutions from 2019. And also it is exporting to Netherlands educational institutions. Now they are cooperating with global accelerating companies in New York, Seattle for expending their business to the abroad.

GeniRobot made contract MOU with UAE KBBO GROUP for exclusive contract and attraction of investment. And in 2020, it made exclusive contract with Edu-Sense in Poland, Finniskola in Hungary. It also expands their business with Edu-Sense to France, Italy and Netherland. Recently, GeniRobot is informing their outstanding products and services to Europe through making JOINT VENTURE with Edu0Sense in the end of 2020.

Besides, the Visang Education, a promising company in Korean education area, is becoming well-known as high quality. From 2017, Visang has been providing their own education programs to Shindongbang Educational Science and Technology Group that is most biggest education company in China. Furthermore, it is providing Wings which is their own Early Childhood English Education Program to over 400 Chinese educational companies.

In 2019, Visang has exported their program to Engels in China and EMA in Vietnam. And then the company had made export contract with APAX Holdings in Vietnam for 60 primary schools.

Nowadays they are planning to provide their English program which is called Enlisheye to middle schools.

In addition, Visang is also providing the Smart Korean Language Solution program (KLaSS, KOREAN LANGUAGE SMART SOLUTION) to Nguyen Chai University and Korea-Vietnam University of Industrial Technology in Vietnam for increasing their exportation in Southeast Asia.

Lastly, the 8 companies have high reputation in domestic Edutech area, are considerably anticipated to participate in ISTE 20 Live.

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