Korea Environmental Industry Association Revamps Environmental Technology & Product DB Search Portal EIDB

Seoul, Korea – ‘EIDB’, an environmental technology product DB search portal in the domestic and international market by Korea Environmental Industry Association, is expected to have a service revamp in 2023 to present a new feature.

It is the environmental technology product DB search portal that can satisfy the needs of the environmental industry with excellent environmental technology as well as the foreign buyers who are in need of environmental technology & product information in Korea. Since its establishment in 2014, with a continuous reorganization, it currently provides excellent companies & product information in the Korean environmental sector in 3 languages (Korean, English, and Chinese).

At EIDB, company and product information are available. With a directory and company name search, 157 excellent environmental company information is available, and with a product name search, 336 excellent environmental product information is available.

In particular, users can find appropriate companies & products with domestic and international certifications by selecting the type of business (manufacturing, environmental management agency, etc.) after choosing the category (water quality, atmosphere, waste, soil/groundwater, etc.). The example of the certification is as follows: KS for Korea, ISO9001, ISO14001 for overseas, UL (US), NSF(US), CE(Europe), RoHS (Europe), BS(UK), CCC(China), and JIS(Japan).

Moreover, with the revamp in January 2023, it is expected to add a search function by piling information of 10,000 foreign environmental industry companies – making it possible to compare and analyze the product technology around the world at once.

An official from Korean Environmental Industry Association stated, “Since it is possible to search products and technology with various conditions in line with the demand of domestic companies and government agencies, we expect that EIDB will become a distinguished search portal for buyers who are looking for excellent environmental technology and product.

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