7th March, 2018 Most times while you are chatting or trying to be a stalker, the preference is if you are unknown, yet at times you might want your identity to be revealed, though it will be a relief for some when no one knows their identity because most times being bothered about what people that know you might say or your reputation being damaged limits you from expressing yourself without worries.

At times though, it will be so nice if the person you are chatting with knows all about you with no form of anonymity, komvy app provides its users with all of this choices without any hidden agenda.

Komvy social app is versatile in keeping you anonymous or identified in sharing your thoughts privately or publicly with, your identity is secured on your posts or questions and now with the diversity community, you can get connected no matter where you are with likeminded people. You can speak about anything related to Religious beliefs, Sexual orientation, Geographic hometown, Veteran status, Physical and mental ability and much more.

The interesting thing about komvy social is that apart from allowing you to freely express yourself when you get stranded in a foreign land or you are homesick. All you need is to check your community nationals in your area or where you are. The app makes it easy to connect to a volunteer opportunity and makes it easier to discover nurture relationship with organizations or cause that matters.

Post, Meet, Check Deals/Sales events and follow the cause you care about, you can also save money on things you need every day, Find great SNAP Sales, SNAP Deals, Hot Price, Happy Hours, Food Specials, Drink Specials, Seasonal Sale.

Get notified from your favorite store by any Product Giveaways, Places/Tables Available, New Arrival Vintage, Out of Stock Item, Changes in opening hours all the best stuff near you and around the world.

For Entrepreneurs and Business

Komvy app creates awareness for small-scale businesses wherever you are, there is no discrimination of any kind between the large scale and small scale businesses, everyone is on the same level ground.

They create an equal chance for both stakeholders and startups in the same business, not only that, they increase your sales, build trust and relationship with your customers anytime and under budget.

All in real time: Snap deal, Snap Sale or Snap notification the new Customer-Focused Selling Approach With Simple text and Image, Boost Your Sale cross Devices and Continue to satisfy your customers.

Buy More Save More, Discounted products, Food/Drink Specials, Or Holiday Promotions… keep people returning regularly, build trust and customers relationship to drive short and long-term revenue.

Waiting line, Product Giveaways, Places/Tables Available, Require Appointment, Sales day Reminder, New Arrival Vintage, Or Out of Stock Item… Reach your target audiences and close by customer right on their mobile phone by push notification system, get them informed about everything good or bad.

For Charity

Do you need a sponsor or volunteers for your charity event? All you need to do is to log in to the app to find Sponsors, volunteers in your Geographic Circle, recruit highly qualified volunteers for your nonprofit, create your organization profile page, and publish your projects.

Komvy keeps it simple when finding volunteers. They do what it takes to attract thousands of people looking to give back every day. All you have to do is post your charity projects. ACT Now Volunteer receives email alerts or mobile notification to respond to an urgent request, to respond to your call-to-action request. Start publishing your nonprofit project or program and make it easy to volunteers finding an opportunity that fits their needs and interests.

About Us

Komvy serves as an online community and resource for professionals in geolocalization marketing and social businesses. Komvy helps to promote ads, specials for increasing sales, building trust with their customers, public communication, linking volunteers with organizations and vice versa allowing people to find and participate in causes of importance to them.

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