Komiko Providing a Free 14-day Trial of their Salesforce Integration Software

Houston, TX – August 04, 2017 – Komiko focuses on bridging the world of structured process driven by CRM and ERP, with the world of unstructured communication like email, phone and IM, to solve the employee’s main source of frustration and inefficiency: not knowing what’s happening and why

Email integration is one of the most important qualities of modern business software. Although email has been around for decades, the past few years have seen incredible growth in email-related software solutions. The best business solutions are designed to set the conditions for improved sales growth. According to many experts, email is one of the technologies that is often misused by sales staff. With more intelligent email usage, you can build and retain an extremely healthy and profitable collection of leads. Customer relationship management is the industry term that describes the careful collection and use of customer information. Most CRM software is designed with information security in mind. This is critical, because when customer information is exposed or compromised, this can result in highly damaging publicity. Komiko is one of the most prestigious modern companies providing software solutions for the workplace. Check out this additional reading about the Komiko’s best Salesforce Email Integration Software. 

All of the major CRM companies are engaged in automatic email archiving. By archiving all customer emails, you can gradually build a vast trove of information with great usefulness for your sales staff. In the competitive state of modern sales, every bit of relevant information helps your sales department get closer to improving its statistics. This is a time of great innovation in electronic devices and network protocols. Komiko has committed to providing support for all major operating systems. This broad-based compatibility is part of the vision that has made Komiko popular throughout many industries. Some of the best software in the email integration category features integration with Google services, including Google My Business. Once you experience the best of modern CRM, it is unlikely that you will care to revisit older methodologies for handling customer information. 

This is an ideal time to Komiko’s free 14-day trail of their Salesforce Integration Software. Thanks to application downloading, software developers can deliver this software in a fast, efficient manner. You no longer have any excuse to deny yourself the benefits that come with full-fledged CRM and ERP solutions.

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