Knowlesys Introduces New Platform to Aggregate and Analyze Data for Strategic Insights

Knowlesys Introduces New Platform to Aggregate and Analyze Data for Strategic Insights

Knowlesys, a leading information services company, announced an all-new platform to solve one of businesses’ biggest challenges: the flood of data. By turning global data into strategic intelligence, Knowlesys aims to give companies a competitive advantage in today’s hyperconnected world.  

The newly launched Knowlesys Intelligence System leverages artificial intelligence and natural language processing to gather relevant information from millions of sites across the internet and various private intranets. A team of analysts then carefully reviews and curates the data to create customized briefings matching each customer’s unique business goals.

“We live in an age where the amount of data generated globally is expected to grow 61% through 2025. Most companies are overloaded by volume rather than deriving value from this data,” said Abby Long, Founder and CEO of Knowlesys. “Our mission is to flip the script – to empower companies through focused, strategic intelligence.”  

Long has assembled a world-class team of open-source intelligence experts at Knowlesys. Their years of intelligence experience equip them to equip business leaders rather than overwhelm them. The Knowlesys Open Source Intelligence Expert team provides additional oversight to ensure briefings highlight the most relevant trends, risks, and changes for daily strategic decisions across functions like marketing, product, HR, finance, and operations.

For example, the Head of Competitive Intelligence at Knowlesys, Mark Chen, served 12 years as an intelligence research specialist for various public and private sector clients. His expertise helps guide the Knowlesys OSINT Monitoring Solution to track not just what competitors are doing, but how and why – enabling customers to make more informed choices.   

Meanwhile, Director of Analysis Rebecca Cornelius honed her ability to quickly derive meaning from vast amounts of data over a decade as an investigative journalist. She leads a team synthesizing terabytes of information through the Knowlesys AI-Powered OSINT System into concise daily briefings for every customer.

Early customers are already seeing a major impact from Knowlesys intelligence briefings on their planning and results.  

“Every morning, my team and I can align in just minutes on the latest developments across our products, competitors, customers, and markets,” said Emma Wu at Rapidly, a customer that adopted Knowlesys company-wide. “It’s allowed us to make smarter choices and act faster on what really matters.”

Rapidly credits Knowlesys with alerting them early to supply chain issues affecting a key supplier, allowing them to take mitigating steps months before competitors. Other customers point to tracking emerging social conversations around their brand sentiment allowing them to address problems earlier and capitalize on opportunities faster than before.  

While most information platforms simply amplify data noise, Knowlesys cuts through the clutter – turning even millions of data points across the internet into a clear daily resource. Custom analysis also enables briefings tailored to each customer’s organization, goals, and needs for tighter planning alignment. Open Source Intelligence Monitoring enables Knowlesys to filter through large amounts of online data to identify relevant insights. 

The initial response from beta customers validates that companies want more value from their data – not just more data. Knowlesys sees massive potential to bring greater focus and clarity back into business intelligence across industries, arming leaders to out-think rather than just out-work competitors.

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