Knock off the can with Canoff, an outdoor game featuring cans and a flying disc

Canoff is a simple, yet fun game to play with friends and family, a perfect way to enjoy pleasant weather outside. In a game of Canoff, two teams of 2 – 4 players compete with each other to knock off the can of the opponent team, first to 10 points win. Designed and developed by Henry Marks, the idea got into existence on a jolly summer holiday with friends back in 2010.

An outdoor game to spend a joyous time with friends and family, Canoff connects loved ones in a fun, casual and exciting game. The development of Canoff started way back in 2010, since then, the work on the game prototype has been gradually improved. The game is designed to be simple, made with minimalistic parts and easy to carry out on holidays and trips. Canoff is seeking financial support on Kickstarter so that the game can be made available for the public and can be enjoyed by everyone. 

The game aims to knock off the can of the opponent team with a frisbee-like disc, each knocked off can give 2 points if it is a direct hit, or 1 point if the disc hits the pole and knocks the can off. The players can also attempt to catch the airborne can if the catch is a success, the team gets a point and if the catch is lost, the team has to face a penalty. Sounds simple? Where here’s the catch, the players have to play the game while one hand only, meaning that the other hand is to be placed behind the back, or the players have to hold a drink in one hand. This makes the game a bit challenging while maintaining the fun factor.

The game includes a flying disc, 2 poles with attachable parts, 2 bases, 2 can mounts and a travel bag; all these parts can easily be carried in the bag. The poles can be collapsed into three parts and can quickly be assembled. The can mount sits on top of the pole and can support standard cans of 330ml as well as 150 ml. The complete package also contains official cans which are made with a thicker aluminium gauge that can sustain more hits and have a longer life than ordinary cans.

Canoff can be turned into a reality with the help of any small or large financial aid on Kickstarter that will ramp up the development. Support here:

By supporting the game on Kickstarter, the development can be processed further. Not only that, Henry Marks, the creator of the game also intends to make more fun games like Canoff. Next projects in line after Canoff are Trio and Canoff Loop. Both of these are built using additional connectors that Dino Junkie Ltd will sell as bolt-on packages. Dino Junkie Ltd plans to use the base and poles from Canoff at the core of each subsequent game designed but will develop additional connectors to create new and exciting games.


The core aim of Canoff is to bring people together, spread happiness and get people to enjoy being active. Henry Marks wants people to enjoy and connect with each other and share pleasant memories together, while living a healthy, active life.

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