Knee Brace Support Can Help Dads on Fathers Day & Beyond Claims EzyFit

Knee Joint Pain Support Makes A Great Gift Idea for Fathers Day

In a statement today by Knee Brace Support manufacturer EzyFit, they encouraged wives and children to consider supporting their fathers/husbands who may be suffering from knee pain or injury to get active once again by making a gift on Fathers Day of the EzyFit Knee Brace Support.

Dads across America are a pretty active bunch these days. Many still play sport, work out, run, cycle, golf, tennis or a host of many other activities. It is only age or an injury that can knock them off their stride and the older they get can mean that it may take longer than it used to, to get back into the saddle. One of the main injuries that affect the 25-40 year old age group is knee ligament tears or knee joint strain that can be a dehabilitating painful experience which can affect the daily routine as well as curbing any exercise regime.

Jessica Shawe, a spokesperson for EzyFit explained further, “I would start by wishing a Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads out there including my own. Our EzyFit Knee Brace is a great help to many dads who find themselves with knee problems. It may not need to be as serious as an ACL meniscus tear, although the knee brace will help those who do suffer this injury whilst they recover. The knee support will help with knee support from a range of issues that cause pain with walking, exercising, playing golf or tennis. If in fact if you are suffering from knee pain through movement then this knee brace is a great recovery or support solution.

The EzyFit Knee Brace Support is an adjustable brace made from breathable neoprene that has dual stabilizing support and an open patella for mobility. Non slip silicon strips on the top and bottom of the brace ensure that it does not slip whilst being worn and quadruple side stabilizers, two on each side, provide maximum lateral support.

Jessica Shawe continued, “We have had great feedback from customers about how useful the knee brace has been. It makes a change from buying your Dad undies or socks. This will actually help him get back to doing the things he loves to do. Just read what our customers say.”

Dad suffers from extreme arthritis in his knees. I thought maybe a knee brace would assist him and help stabilize his knee so he could walk with a little more ease. The day this came I took it down and let him see it and try it out. He put it on as soon as I got it out of the package to check it out. He did wear a little that evening, but the next day he wore it all day. When I got to his house after work I had to see how it worked for me. He was super happy and told me it worked like a charm. Of course this doesn’t make the arthritis disappear but it does alleviate much of the pain and discomfort when he walks as it stabilizes the knee.”


I ordered this for my husband and he absolutely loves it! As soon as we received it he intermediately put it on…. He said within minutes his knee pain was feeling so much better! He is on his feet all day walking around a construction site and he wears this comfortably to work all day. He swears by this now. After a few days he’s ready to go back to the gym and workout. We are beyond satisfied! Absolutely awesome product.


My father in law has had knee problems for years and always wears a knee brace. I’ve heard him complain in the past about the knee braces he was using wouldn’t stay in place and he was constantly having to pull them back up into place. I ordered the EzyFit Knee Brace from Montavi because it stated it came with, “NON-SLIP SILICON STRIPS top and bottom of knee brace to ensure it stays firmly in place while you move…” After he used for the first time, I received a phone call from him asking me where I purchased this knee brace from! He said it was a perfect fit and stayed in place all day with him not having to adjust it all day. Success!!!


The EzyFit Knee Brace is incredibly supportive and does not restrict movement. I use this brace during softball, cycling classes and cross-fit style classes at Equinox. It truly is an incredible product. I recommend the product to any one who feels knee pain and/or weakening.


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EzyFit is the manufacturer and distributor for the EzyFit Knee Brace Support. The product may be found for sale exclusively on Amazon USA. For further information please visit their website at

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