Klarm Prototyping Invests More to Become a Quality Rapid Tooling Supplier in China

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Recently, KLARM Prototyping has invests hug amount of money to purchase more advanced machines and employ more people to enlarge production size and become a quality rapid tooling supplier in China.

KLARM will assist with the development of client’s design to help ensure their tooling is cost-effective and easily made. One of the most frustrating moments in an engineering project is realizing the design cannot be manufactured cost- effectively, or that it could have been easier to run with only a few simple changes. KLARM understand the goals clients are trying to achieve with rapid tooling in China and the manufacturing details associated with it well enough to ensure getting it right the first time-as cost-effectively as possible.

KLARM is able to produce parts in the material clients plan to use for production and understand plastic resin specs well enough to assist in material selection. With the progress of technology, there are multitudes of processes that will produce prototype parts very quickly and inexpensively. KLARM can cost-effectively provide design in the material customers specify and offer material options if there might be a better material available for project. This will ultimately save time and money because customers will be able to use the same part for fit, finish, product testing, and executive sign off. With today’s technology, there is no reason to create an inexpensive rapid prototype only to make a working prototype before tooling.

KLARM can produce parts based on client’s original design. In the zeal to save time, it is often assumed that all rapid tooling methods are the same and will produce an “as designed” component. Many customers have very specific reasons for the geometry of their parts and should not settle for compromises when sourcing rapid tooling. If the part design is important, KLARM will make sure we can produce client’s parts “as designed” the first time.

Quality control is well applied according to KLARM’s ISO 9001-2015 certified system. Quality control is essential in this fast paced, competitive world. KLARM has a quality process in place from receiving the project to sending it out the door. Each step of the process should be documented; checks and balances should be in place so clients get the parts that are not only cost-effective but are of the highest quality. Sacrificing quality in the interest of saving lead time is never a good idea.

At every step in the project, KLARM will work together with customers to determine how the design will be manufactured. KLARM not only offers rapid tooling services but full-service design and development as well. Many times, KLARM deals with different designs and materials from a wide cross section of industries. Consider processes, material selection, design parameters, testing, assembly criteria, environmental issues, application, etc. KLARM may be able to offer valuable recommendations, especially when it comes to material type and availability.

Rapid tooling should not only be about getting parts quickly, but about learning as much as possible about how the part can be quickly tooled and produced cost-effectively when it is time for mass production. KLARM not only understands rapid tooling, but part design, material selection, optimization for production, and molding or manufacturing. KLARM will be as a member of client’s project team, because we understand the entire design and development cycle. It may not only save time and money getting ready for production, but in actual production, as well.

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Since found in 2005, KLARM Prototyping is has grown to become one of the leading suppliers of China cnc prototype , product design, rapid tooling services, 3D scanning and 3D printing services in China.

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