KKA S1, the reinvented version of regular skateboard that offers a safer and smoother skating experience

KKA S1 is the newly launched skateboard that is designed by reinventing the traditional skateboards and adding more advanced features to it for a better and safer skating &traveling experience. Despite the fact that skateboards have undergone a lot of changes over the years, a number of people are scared to try them on because of the risk of accidents, especially while trying to turn during skating. The KKA S1’s innovative design will help reduce this risk so that the individuals can have a more enjoyable and safer skating experience

KKA S1 provides high performance and high-tech off-road experience to the skateboard loves. It can be used for extreme sports as well as short-range mobility needs. This skateboard is made using premium quality carbon fiber that keeps it lightweight yet highly durable. Unlike the latest electric skateboards available in the market, it offers the goodness of a conventional skateboard such as being light, minimalistic, durable, easy to operate, cost-effective but with advanced features. It will enable the user to everything they do on a conventional skateboard but in a much better way.

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KKA S1 features super-strong MEG steering and body frame and premium quality carbon frame on the top with an anti-slip mat which makes it suitable to ride on both road and off-road dashes. It also comes with weight balancing and dynamic cornering feature. The wheels are designed such that they stay put on the ground, properly balancing the board and the rider enabling them to make reliable sharp cuts and moves. The skateboard comes with batteries which can be used to light up the front and back lamps and run the board over short distances.

KKA S1 is designed for passionate athletes and commuters of all ages. The skateboard was introduced in the latest technology and gadget convention where it received an enthusiastic response from the audiences and professional skateboards. “I am using KKA S1 for the past three months, and this is the fascinating sports product I have experienced. What I like the most is its long-lasting battery. Sometimes, it is days before I have to charge it again. Highly recommended!” – Joe Suba, Entrepreneur – USA

The developers aim to make this skateboard available to everyone around the world and make the skateboarding experience even better for the people. They are also working to make further improvements in the skateboard without compromising on its weight and durability. In addition, the Bluetooth controlled balance control feature allows the board to adapt to the weight of the rider offering a better riding experience.

More information about the KKA S1 skateboard can be found at kkas1.com

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