KKA S1 skateboard may soon take over the conventional skateboards

KKA S1 is an innovative new skateboard that may revolutionize the conventional skateboards industry. It combines the simplicity of the conventional skateboards and advanced technology to provide a skateboarding experience that is safer, smoother and more enjoyable. Despite the availability of electric skateboards in the market nowadays a number of people still stick to the conventional skateboards because of its lightweight and simple design. Though it does offer a few limitations which is why the KKA S1 skateboard has been created.

KKA S1 skateboard is a simple looking skateboard that can be used like conventional skateboards but the innovative features can be seen in the details. Its unique design allows the user to balance their weight properly while cornering and taking sharp turns. Most of the conventional skateboards can’t be used off-road and offer limited reliability for aged travelers, KKA S1 however, is specially designed to be smoothly used off road and for people of all age groups.

While the conventional skateboards offer a few shortcomings, the electric skateboards are a little bulky and expensive. KKA S1 is created to overcome these shortcomings and offer the best of both worlds by combining features that make this skateboard minimalistic in design, modern, stylish and affordable. Made using high-quality premium fiber, the skateboard offers unmatched durability and light aerodynamic experience.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/RumxTS9Q1I4

KKA S1 has evolved over the years since the time of its first prototype launch in 2014 when it received an overwhelming response and criticism for being rigid and little heavy. The developers worked on the feedback and after a long designing and testing process, the came up with KKA S1 that will allow the user to everything they do on a conventional skateboard in a lot better way.

The smooth functionality of the KKA S1 is achieved using the super strong MEG steering and body frame along with high-quality carbon frame on the top with an anti-slip mat. The wheels are designed such that they always stay put on the ground allowing the rider to balance their body and make sharp cuts and moves. The in-built battery powers up the head and tail lamps for riding at night and also to move the skateboard for short distances. The lights are not only bright but also have a long life and easily changeable if needed.

KKA S1 is suitable for adrenaline filled athletes and commuters of all ages. The skateboard community has already given it a thumbs-up since its launch in the technology and gadget convention.

More information about the product can be found at kkas1.com.

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