Kiwami Ramen Now Open at 2700 W Anderson Ln, Austin, Texas

Kiwami Ramen is a restaurant that offers the best Thai, Japanese and Chinese cuisine in Austin Area

Austin, TX – Kiwami Ramen is proud to announce the opening of their new restaurant on 2700 W Anderson Ln, Austin, Texas. The restaurant which has a unique Asian setting is notable for their rich blend of the very best Thai, Japanese and Chinese cuisines.

Restaurant setting:

Kiwami Ramen is specialist in noodles and rice. They prepare the best Kiwami Tonkotsu, Spicy Curry Tonkotsu, Miso Tonkotsu, Spicy Poke Don, and Salmon Poke Don. They also serve tantalizing appetizers such as Sweet potato Tempura, Salmon Carpaccio, Avocado Tuna and Takoyaki. After one bite of Kiwami Ramen’s food, you’ll soon realise that all other dishes are bland and stodgy in comparison.

Kiwami Tonkotsu:

The Ramens in this restaurant is very rich, deep, and good for health. Their pork soup contains a very small amount of Hondashi powder that provides consumers with vitamins, nourishing and giving them a very healthy body. Their pork soup is usually hand-cured for more than 10 hours, and the essential part of their pork at Kiwami Ramen is that the bone is completely brewed.

Potato tempura:

Due to how tasty Kiwami Ramen’s dishes are, lots of famous people regularly visit the restaurant. Food critic, Rob Balon recently visited Kiwami Ramen and had very positive things to say about it. According to him, “The place is simply awesome. I went with colleagues, and we tried a variety of dishes ranging from a crispy Shrimp Tempura to a spicier than usual and very delicious Miso Ramen, to a somewhat fiery pork belly with an egg over a nicely nuanced melange of rice called Char Siu Don”.  “We started with a very tasty Edamame. I wonder where this has been lately on Asian menus”, he added. Their green tea ice cream is superb and wonderfully creamy too. So if you are in Austin, Kiwami Ramen invites you to have a taste of all the goodies available in their awesome restaurant.

The famous Team of Do512 will also be paying a visit  to the restaurant on 10th of July 2018, and if you are not planning your visit, you are missing out.

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