Kitty Vent provides odor-free litter box

Toni Kfoury of Los Angeles California is seeking $50,000 by March 8 to launch his new product idea, Kitty Vent: The Ultimate Litter Box Odor Eliminator. With 28 days to go in his campaign, he has received $9,618 in pledges.

“We believe our homes should be reflections of the love we feel for our cats,” Kfoury said. “That’s why we developed Kitty Vent, our exclusive litter box odor eliminator.”

The Kitty Vent system is designed to ventilate kitty odor from the litter box to the outside. Kfoury created the design after years of attempts to find a way to eliminate kitty odor from his home according to Erika Cortez, co-founder of Kitty Vent. Kfoury came up with the concept of the window ventilation, and now works with Cortez to launch their production strategy.

“We both found ourselves in awe of our odor-free home, which proved to be a capable pet waste odor remover,” Cortez stated. “It is then when we decided to share our Kitty Vent with the world, in hopes that cats and homeowners alike could bask in odor-free environments just like us.”

There are 12 pledge levels w/ rewards in the Kickstarter campaign, valued between $5 and $3000. Rewards include multiple discounts for the Kitty Vent kits.

“The desire to share our Kitty Vent with households across the world has driven our team to overcome challenging tasks to bring this idea to life,” Kfoury said. “The most daunting challenge ahead will be funding manufacturing. The financial support of backers will help resolve this monetary challenge.”

Kfoury and Cortez claim their unit is easy to install. An adjustable bracket is fitted into a window, and a hose is extended from the litter box to the outflow attachment on the bracket. A small fan provides the current for the odor’s release. The unit operates with minimal electricity, about 50 cents per year.

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“We have taken Kitty Vent as far as our team could,” stated Kitty Vent’s CEO Rabih Kfoury, “without the aid of investors or financial debt to keep Kitty Vent a family brand wholeheartedly dedicated to improve the way feline friends coexist with humans. All we need now is support to take it even further and share it with feline households around the world.” has been an online platform since 2009 that allows people to promote and raise startup capital for their creative ideas.

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