KITAOZ – One Kickstarter Top Store Specialized in Packed Luxury Toiletry for Adults

3rd January, 2018 – 2018 is shaping up to be a year where your appearance speaks volumes about your personality. If you’re not intentional about it, travel can cause havoc on your health. The good habits you’ve worked hard to develop in your everyday routine—consistent sleeping patterns, regular workouts. That organized world becomes am upheaval when you forget your toiletries.

Where do you tuck your toiletries into when making a short trip across town or a long travel across the country?

The guess is, you really don’t know, and we’ll go one better to predict that sometimes you forget some of these important toiletries because they don’t pack themselves.

Sometimes, after a little bit of travel your toiletries may become a little roughed up because nobody said you had to pamper them like babies. With Kitatoz, you have a one stop store to turn to for an affordable and already packed luxury toiletry for adults and kids. 

This will ultimately make that vacation holiday preparation, Gym workout and work trip a tad faster than when you had to go through a chore to find and organize all your toiletries.

Your travel accessories should be practical and useful (and this kit is certainly that), but I also think they should be awesome and stand out, too. 

There are so many useless and overpriced kits out there, and you will love that unlike other kits this one truly has everything you need — most importantly, it will make you smile! 

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Definitely a statement piece.  

Kitaoz has everything included, Toothpick, swabs, aftershave, toothbrush, toothpaste, shaver blade, hair serum, body lotion, shaving cream, conditioner, shampoo, shower gel, make-up remover wipes, shower cap.

Let’s help relieve your stress!!!!




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