Kirmaan Aboobaker, known famously as Ghost, is spreading musical joy to everyone through the internet

World-famous musician Ghost, known for his multitude of remixes and original productions, most notably Shame. The budding musician is winning hearts and distributing smiles to his fans by collaborating with other outstanding artists through Instagram.

The lockdown has affected everything in people’s lives. Tons of people are stuck inside, away from the support of their friends and family. At a time like this, people are falling victim to isolation with nothing productive to cheer them up.

Ghost understands the impact music can have over feelings of loneliness and sadness and wanted to go on a tour to entertain his fans all around the globe. But, just like everyone else, he is also stuck in his home country of South Africa and was unable to fulfill his desire of a worldwide musical tour. In times like this, when most people would lose hope, Kirmaan was determined to make the most out of this period and decided to collaborate on Instagram with other artists.

The singer has been posting little snippets of his music on his Instagram for quite a while. His unique style has earned him some loyal fans on the platform whom he surprises from time to time by collaborating with other musicians and artists facing the same dreaded pandemic. If nothing, these collaborations bring joy and jubilations at a time when nothing seems to be going right. 

One of his first significant collaborations was with Swedish superstar musician Bella Winroth. They got together to create a breathtaking song by the name of “Missing You.” The melody and vocals of this song blend together to give an out-of-this-world experience.

After creating a masterpiece of a song with Bella, Ghost moved on to his second major collaboration with an artist from New York, known by the name of Chop Ford. This collaboration went wonderfully as well and resulted in a delightful song called “Thinkin’ Lately.”

Both of these songs have succeeded in capturing their listeners’ hearts around the world and have thousands of plays around the internet. 

One can check out Ghost’s Instagram account at @OriginalsByGhost and find out about how these collaborations went and what he is up to now. One can also follow him on Twitter for live updates at @GhostOriginal and see his creative journey unfold.

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