KING KOIL introduces the BODY MATCH technology – “sleepid” for a better sleeping experience

Leading provider of world class sleep products, KING KOIL, launches its BODY MATCH technology to solve the biggest problem of the mattress industry – COMFORT ISSUES

KING KOIL has again reiterated their goal of providing state-of-the-art sleeping solutions for customers in India and across the globe with the introduction of the BODY MATCH technology. The technology called “sleepid” is developed to provide the best possible sleeping experience to users, allowing them to easily identify the most suitable mattress from a plethora of choices available.

A mattress brand has an average of 20 mattress models available to suit the diverse needs of customers. While this should be a plus for customers, the plethora of choices often confuses customers and even retailers as they find it difficult to make a selection. This is where KING KOIL is looking to make a huge difference with the introduction of the breakthrough body-match technology – sleepid.

The research-based proven body-match technology is a product of years of hard work, bringing transformation from selling for profits to selling for customer satisfaction, but also bringing lots of retailers acceptance due to increase in repeats they experience.

The technology is looking to change the way mattresses are sold and ultimately, the way they are used in terms of the satisfaction derived. Studies have shown that over 90% of retailers do not enquire about the body needs and requirements of their customers, leading to discomfort while using the mattress.

Sleepid offers more than 94% accuracy, helping buyers to find the mattress that suits their body needs and requirements as well as that of their partners. Some of the key body parameters used include body composition, posture analysis, body preferences, and body pressure.

This BODY MATCH technology is originally made by King Koil USA with ICA, adapted in India for Indian body types and needs using precision mechanisms and logics. However, it is looking like the solution to the mattress industry worldwide, helping businesses to achieve higher customer satisfaction.

More information about sleepid and other fantastic solutions from King Koil can be found on their website King Koil is also available across several social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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KingKoil is a Global mattress brand, spread over 100 countries with more 120 years of serving the industry. King Koil is continually evolving and pushing itself to help customers attain better sleep, offering amazing solutions for superior sleep experience.

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