Kill the dummy – Ragdoll game allows the user to vent out their anger and frustration right from their smartphone

Kill the dummy-Ragdoll game is a newly launched app on Google Play store that allows the user to let their anger and frustration out without hurting anyone in real life. This app is created for the times when the user is extremely angry at someone and they feel like doing something destructive. The user can take revenge or give some payback to people who’ve hurt them through this free smash room game.

The users can think of the ragdoll featured in the app as a person or a situation and let their negative feelings out by killing, smashing or just exploding it. Through the various options provided, the user will be able to stab, hit, punch or beat up the dummy. Yes, it’s violent and bloody but also satisfying as it helps the user in calming down quite a bit, afterward.

Owing to the modern and busy lifestyle, anger and frustration are pretty common among people these days and often in those moods, people feel like beating up the ones who have wronged them. Whether it’s a bad boss, an annoying colleague or a jealous enemy, the user can imagine the dummy as any person they want to beat up and then shoot, mutilate, stab and do all the things to the dummy to eventually kill it. Of course, beating up a dude on Android phone is anytime better than harming someone in real life.

There is no need to own a physical ragdoll to enjoy some ragdoll torture because Kill the Dummy app enables the user to vent their anger out anywhere and anytime right from their smartphone. The app even provides points and coins for all the effort put by the user which further gives them a feeling of being rewarded. Some of the moves that can be tried on the dummy are punches using a boxing glove, throw colorful balloons, throw darts, throw eggs and tomato, throw apples, claw, kick, shoot, and more.

Kill the Dummy app features high quality and realistic 3D graphics. The user can collect coins by beating the ragdoll and use them to unlock more weapons and the additional weapons can also be purchased within the app. The app also allows the users to take a picture of the result of their work and share it on social media platforms. The user-friendly interface makes it suitable for all kinds of users to make the most of this app.

Kill the Dummy app is available for free download at Google Play store

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