Kids Create the Change Encourages Self-Discovery, Deepens Family Connections

New book to launch January 2021.

WEST PALM BEACH, FL – 6 November, 2020 – Wherever life takes us, our most important journey is that of self-discovery. To help children and parents take that journey together, Brianna Mobilian has written a comprehensive guide to cultivate self-purpose, positive change, and stronger parent-child bonds. Kids Create the Change is scheduled to launch on Kickstarter in early January 2021.

Over the course of its 30 chapters, Kids Create the Change takes readers on a 90-day journey of self-discovery, reflection, and inspiration.  Each day brings a new lesson or adventure, in the form of thought-provoking messages, fun and empowering activities (what can a stick of gum teach us about self-control?), or guided reflections in the book’s journal pages.  At just 15-30 minutes per day, the program is designed to fit into the busiest schedules and to help even the most energetic children discover inner balance and poise.

“Many parents are spending more time with their children due to situations beyond their control,” notes Mobilian. “We may have more time together, but in many cases, we have less quality time than ever before. That’s one reason why I wrote Kids Create the Change.

“This can be a transformational period for children and parents. If we use this time to encourage self-awareness and mindfulness in our children, we will help ensure that the doctors, teachers, tradesmen, and even the parents of the future are guided by love and empathy and supported by emotional intelligence and intention.  These qualities don’t happen without us, as parents, leading with intention ourselves.  Kids Create the Change is designed to help even the busiest parents keep their children growing in all the right ways.”

Mobilian made sure to illustrate the book with a diverse cast of 30 characters representing a wide range of ethnicities, cultures, abilities, and disabilities. “I wanted every child to gain acceptance of themselves and others through this book,” she reflects. “And I wanted every reader to enjoy getting to know children from all walks of life. Diverse representation isn’t just a noble end unto itself: it helps keep the book’s focus squarely on personal development and the journey of self-discovery.”

Prior to its launch, interested readers are invited to enjoy behind-the-scenes information, and a chance to win the first free copy of Kids Create the Change by joining the book’s email list.

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