Kickstarter Campaign Launched By Chad Cryder And Michele Frazier To Fund Their Rainy Day Book App Project

Chad Cryder and Michele Frazier announce Kickstarter campaign for their Rainy Day book app.

Chad Cryder, founder and Executive Partner for Passion Forward LLC, writer and relationship coach along with collaborator Michele Frazier have launched a campaign on Kickstarter for funding their project, the Rainy Day Book app. The Rainy Day Book is one of the most valuable memories that Chad carries from his school days. It was a brilliant idea by his teacher and helped every student overcome their sad times and have a great day.

“The Rainy Day Book was a sweet 5th grade project and so heavily influencing that it stayed with me for over 30 years,” says Chad Cryder. The app was something I planned for a long time and we are delighted that it is now a reality. You can have your own book printed with this amazing app.”

Chad Cryder and Michele Frazier have partnered with Kite to print the Rainy Day Book. There are some key features of the app that helps users improve their mood and brighten their day. The app creates the opportunity for users to send their thoughts on why they love or care about their friends. They can also receive similar sentiments from their friends. They can upload their favorite pictures and also assign their thoughts to be displayed with these pictures.

The app allows creation of a Rainy Day Book for a friend or loved one. The app can be used for receiving popup notifications on why their friends think they are special. It makes it possible to print the Rainy Day Book and have it shipped anywhere in the world. The best part is that the app will be available for free and the ads, if any at all, will be kept minimal.

There are many challenges that Chad expects to run into in the course of launching the Rainy Day Book app. The biggest of them all is financial support. It is not possible to raise funds for the app the normal way through investors as the idea is not something that can be patented. Chad says that crowdfunding is the only option available to raise funds for the Rainy Day Book app.

Another risk they face is that of others stealing their idea as its popularity grows and word spreads. It would help the growth of a community which has compassion as its core emotion but somehow stealing and compassion does not go together.

The makers of the app have partnered with Apptology to develop the app across all the three main platforms, iOS, Android and Windows. Development delays could be a problem. A Beta version will be released one month before the app is launched to deal with the potential issue of technical bugs.

Chad Cryder is attempting to raise $60000 for the Rainy Day Book app project through their Kickstarter campaign. The last day for receiving funds is 11 September, 2017.

About The Rainy Day Book App:

The Rainy Day Book App is a dream project of Chad Cryder and collaborator Michele Frazier. The key objective of the app is to bring compassion into the world by providing an outlet for joy, generosity of spirit, and to create a healing community.

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