Kickstarter Campaign for Nehtrin, A Personal Covered Parking Unit

New establishment engineers an advanced and specialized parking unit with numerous features for vehicle owners.

July 18, 2017 – New Startup Nehtrin announces its need to raise funds through an equity/rewards crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to release their revolutionary personal covered parking technology product to the market. The company set out to raise $12,000 on Kickstarter to support patenting, development and commercial production of their game changing invention to vehicle owners – their target market.

The personal covered parking units are equipped with heating elements to help dissolve snow that has covered a vehicle during the winter months. Furthermore, during the summer, it keeps cars from getting toasty. Basically, it is an auto controlled system that shields your vehicle from the harmful effects of harsh weather conditions.

Other features of Nehtrin include remote activation, anti theft technology for maximum security, solar powering, exceptional mobility and durability. These features collectively make Nehtrin a must-have gadget to ensure maximum maintenance and protection for vehicles at all times. No longer will vehicle owners need to shiver in the cold as they sweep the snow off the windshields and windows of their vehicle or brace themselves with the discomfort of a heated car during the summer.

“I am asking for $12,000, which I cannot currently afford on my monthly income. Additionally, I do not want the current provisional patent to expire without introducing the product to the market. I will use this money to get the product ready for marketing and consumption” said Michael Owoeye – patent of Nehtrin. “I hope to get it out on the market soon so that consumers can benefit from its uses! My product is a revolutionary game-changer for non-covered parking” He added.

About Nehtrin

Nehtrin is a revolutionary product created to solve covered parking scarcity and removal of snow from vehicle windshields and windows automatically. It is your covered parking and snow-dissolving unit, all-in-one, on-the-go.

Nehtrin is a very durable and light-weight unit that can be easily carried and stored either in your trunk or back seat. When you need to use it, just pull out the magnetic stands, place the unit on your car, SUV or hatchback, push the “ON” button on the remote and you’re all done. When you get back to your car, push the “OFF” button, the shades retracts back into the main unit, the guide rails retracts and folds back into place automatically, you fold the stands and put it back in your trunk.

Nehtrin helps save time, protect the exterior of your vehicle from the harmful effect of harsh weather conditions and keeps the interior of your vehicle at a bearable temperature when parked outside on a hot summer day.

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