Punch and kick without any fear of the secret service stopping you

September – US – As the elections approach, the political race in America has picked up the pace. Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are hot favorite candidates with millions of Americans backing each one of them. Kickball Punchball has made two innovative rubber balls with the faces of both candidates on each of the balls to make this election more fun and give the supporters of both parties something to play with.

The product is fun and pleasure and is the first of its kind. As the players hit the ball by kicking or punching it, the cartoon figure faces of the candidate on the ball deforms, and it gives the illusion of a changing facial expression that is extremely funny. The company has made two separate websites for both the balls of Trump and Clinton so that supporters may find them easily and get them for the elections.

“I am crooked, but I am rubber.” Says the tagline on the ball of the Democratic Party’s Presidential Candidate and the former Secretary of the State of the United States of America, Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton. “I am a loud mouth, and I know it.” Says the tagline on the ball of the Republican Party’s front-runner and the most controversial candidate ever to run for The White House, Donald J. Trump.

The testimonials on the websites show the excitement and enthusiasm of the supporters getting these balls, and most of them are hilarious. “I release my frustration with a PUNCH and a KICK, without the fear of the Secret Service stopping me.” Says David, a supporter of Hillary Clinton from Charlotte, North Carolina about hitting the Donald. The stocks are limited, and the balls will be shipped on the first-come-first-serve basis to those who are placing orders. The company is also giving an exciting opportunity to the supporters to make their photos and videos of kicking and punching the ball and share them on the social media pages of the company. It will give them a platform to share the fun they are having with the rest of the fans.

The high-quality 8’5 inch rubber ball comes with a caricature rendition of U.S Presidential Candidate for 2016. One side of the ball has a large face to “Punch” the other end has a face and butt to “Kick.” In addition to that, a free air-pump is also included with the ball when it is shipped, and the price is very low with a discount and is only $19.95. The number of sales has consistently been increasing as the November approaches and American voters are finding this ball as the most exciting item to play with in the political arena.


Donald Trump’s Ball:

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