Khora Fitness to launch the Khora Fitness Posture Corrector on Amazon

Makers of premium quality health support products, Khora Fitness, announces the launch of its first product – the Khora Fitness Posture Corrector on Amazon

Khora Fitness is a startup in the health support and braces industry dedicated to offering premium quality products to millions of people across the globe. In line with the company’s goal of being one of the most sought-after companies in the industry, Khora Fitness is launching the unique Khora Fitness Posture Corrector on Amazon.

People tend to pay little or no attention to their posture. However, the importance of a right posture to the health cannot be overemphasized, with the studies showing that the body posture affects the physical and mental state of an individual. While many solutions to correct the posture have been proffered by several brands, many such solutions do not offer the effectiveness desired by users. Khora Fitness is, however, looking to make a difference with its unique posture corrector.

The corrector is designed to provide great shoulder and back support, with front adjustable straps and is made with high-quality breathable materials that make it easier and more comfortable to wear over time while adjusting the back posture and providing a more confident look. It also comes with armpit pads to provide added comfort to users.

With a new sleek design and breathable material, the corrector can be worn underneath the clothing that is, on the skin, or on top of the clothing while creating airflow to eliminate the build-up of sweat. The front adjustable straps also allow users to easily adjust the length of the braces without having to twist their arms backward like in the case of most products in the market.

The product is designed for men and women, with straps that are long enough to fit any shape, size, or height and can be tucked neatly underneath.

The posture corrector is backed by a manufacturer 30-day money back guarantee with a 1-year free replacement warranty.

The Khora Fitness Posture Corrector is currently available on Amazon, with more information about it and other products from Khora Fitness available on the website. Khora Fitness can also be found on Facebook.

About Khora Fitness

Khora Fitness was founded by former athletes who understand how pain from past injuries can keep one from enjoying his or her favorite activities. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, the company aims to make it easier for people to get their passions by providing quality supports and braces.

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