Khaleej Times launches gaming platform in partnership with Giro Gamez

KT Gamez aims to host the largest annual e-sport tournaments in the Middle East and is also drawing up plans of forming a national e-sports team

The UAE’s leading daily, Khaleej Times, has partnered with top gaming platform Giro Gamez — a part of Giro Fintech LLC, DIFC — to develop KT Gamez, an intuitive gaming platform loaded with more than 200 hyper-casual games. KT Gamez aims to host the largest annual e-sport tournaments in the Middle East and is also drawing up plans of forming a national e-sports team.

The all-new gaming platform will be home to games spanning a wide range of genres such as puzzles, arcade, education, action, sports and racing. Each game has been well-researched and developed with high-definition graphics, the latest Web technologies, custom soundtracks, stereo sound and built-in power save, and is expected to pack fun-filled entertainment that will get gamers’ dopamine flowing. Each title is intended to be lightweight with minimal onboarding so that each player can quickly access a game with just a click and begin enjoying the gameplay. KT Gamez will be the only platform in the UAE to offer prizes and rewards for its participants: Simply beat the challenges and enjoy lucrative rewards that users are unlikely to find elsewhere.

“Content is an ecosystem, where diverse products reinforce one another. KT Gamez is one such defining product in the brand’s bouquet,” said Vinay Kamat, Editor-in-Chief of Khaleej Times.

“The gaming industry has witnessed an unprecedented boom, especially in the past year, with more players getting in not just for the fun, but also for the social aspect that brings people together in new, innovative and engaging ways never seen before,” said Rajeev Khanna, Chief Operating Officer of Khaleej Times. “We are excited to be partnering with Giro Gamez, which means that we will be reaching out to millions of gamers around the world who seek nothing but the best experience for an activity so dear to them.”

Parth Trivedi, Founder and CEO of Giro Gamez, said: “The gaming industry in the Middle East is poised for a phenomenal growth due to smartphone penetration, 5G infrastructure and cloud-based gaming, and this is just the beginning of the boom.”

Nilesh Devadia, Director of Distribution and Business Development at Khaleej Times, said: “We are incredibly excited to be launching KT Gamez, which is another important step in our focus and vision into the digital landscape.

“We now have the ability to offer varied content for our audiences in terms of movies, games and other exciting new verticals soon to be launched, further leveraging the Khaleej Times brand and our audience reach, which will help create cross-marketing opportunities for our advertisers. We are constantly seeking to deliver innovative products that support the aspirations of our audiences, whilst delivering a superior user experience.”

Sohail Nawaz MBE, Head of Digital at Khaleej Times, said: “As we strive to serve our audiences with a diversified range of products, the launch of KT Gamez is a milestone moment for us at Khaleej Times.”

While educational games are designed to make learning fun, arcade games are believed to be more enticing for the user. Puzzle games give each user an ultimate brain workout, while the huge catalogue of action games introduces some healthy competition amongst players. For a more thrilling experience, racing games have also been included in the new gaming platform — titles that can take players to an alternate world of cars and racing. Giro Gamez has designed the KT Gamez leaderboards specifically to increase the player’s motivation when playing the game of their choice.

In addition to developing strategic thinking and planning skills, playing games can also help players gain greater hand-eye coordination, fine-tune their motor skills, promote abstract thinking and boost their logical thinking capabilities. A research study that involved participants who played games for two months every day observed a significant increase in grey-matter areas of their brain in memory, fine motor skills and strategic planning.

According to a Stanford University research study, The Practice of Game-Based Learning, students who play games are found to be more inclined to learn, participate in set tasks and pay attention. The problem-solving nature of games is also believed to boost a student’s mental cognition, thus promoting greater cognitive growth. Most importantly, games are found to motivate students through participation that ultimately creates a positive attitude towards learning. According to research, gaming is said to benefit people of all ages.

This platform is certain to excite gaming enthusiasts across the world with its regular dose of mobile and PC gaming tournaments and competitions that not only rewards them, but will also help them develop their skills. The Khaleej Times team is confident that this industry is on the rise and has tremendous growth opportunities.

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